Best Gifts for Hikers Under $25
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25 Best Gifts for Hikers Under $25

Ever wondered about the gifts that can be given to your hiking-loving friend?

You certainly might have thought about some hiking gears.

Best Gifts for Hikers Under $25 – Quick Pick

If you’re in a hurry, here are our two favorite gifts for hikers under $25 in this review.

  • Waterproof NotebookEditor’s Choice for 2019 (best Value for the Money)
  • Survival Clip Compass – (Ultimate survival tool during hiking, 5 in 1 survival tool and Comfortably fits to all the wrists)

Hiking gears are not the bad idea for the gift but they are exceptionally expensive. So why not think of any other stuff than gear that is equally useful but inexpensive.

So, if you are thinking of buying soft hiking related presents under less budget then you have come to the correct point.

Today, I have come with the 25 best gifts for hikers under $25.

I am sure you all will stick upto the end and will get an idea on the hiking related gifts for your beloved.

Here goes my list for 25 best gifts for the hikers under $25:

Best Gifts for Hikers Under $25 in 2019

1. Waterproof Notebook

Waterproof Notebook
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When people are in the outdoors, they usually get loads of thoughts. Thus, what else can capture those emotions besides a notebook?

All Terrain: The Waterproof Notebook can be the notebook that you might be searching for. The set of 3, this diary is durable, portable and completely waterproof.

Each of the sets has 48 pages in them. Waterproof stone paper resists rain and other harsh conditions. With weather resistant covers, you can write at any conditions. The quality stone paper works best with pencil in wet conditions.

Each one measures 3.5 inches wide by 5.5 inches high, fitting in a shirt pocket. The hardcover notebook is printed with a light dot-grid pattern for the utmost flexibility of use. For long-lasting durability, every set is sewn binding and shrinkwrapped.

If you want to impress more with your gift, combine the notebooks with a waterproof space pen worth $15.



2. MPOWERD Luci Outdoor 2.0 Inflatable Solar Lantern

MPOWERD Luci Outdoor 2.0 Inflatable Solar Lantern
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MPOWERD Luci Outdoor 2.0 Inflatable Solar Lantern are the lightweight lantern built for adventure. Waterproof and bright in nature, it brings the sun’s energy and light into your camp at night.

MPOWERD Luci Outdoor 2.0 Inflatable Solar Lantern is the latest modification of Luci Original Inflatable S.L with extra features. It weighs 4.4 ounces only. It is collapsible to just 1 inch that saves plenty of room for your other gears.

It is an efficient solar panel that provides up to 18 hours of illumination. It is inflatable and submersible in nature with IP67 Rating.

The solar panel is charged within 7 hours in direct sunlight. And, they last upto 18 hours on low setting. In case, there is charge indicator showing remaining battery life. So, you don’t have to ever worry about batteries.

Due to the adjustable bottom strap, it can be attached anywhere without an extra hook. Thus, it is portable.

There are 10 powerful LEDs shine with four settings of light as low, bright, super bright and 1 second flashing. All the LEDs are highly efficient that can brighten a 100 feet sq. per 9 meter sq.

The lantern retains 95% of charge per month when in storage. The operating temperature is 15F to 122F. It is rechargeable with LiFePo4 batteries.

MPOWERD Luci Outdoor 2.0 Inflatable Solar Light are the rugged outdoor lantern that is perfect for camping, hiking, kayaking, sailing, fishing, water sports etc. It is ultralight, compact and super durable product at your own price.



3. Portable Outdoor First Aid Kit

Portable Outdoor First Aid Kit
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There are thousand of obstacles in the hiking path. Before heading one should be well prepared for them.

If you are thinking of giving a gift to your hiker friend, then why not give him/her a useful tool. The useful tool, i.e a first aid kit, even helps to deal with the hurdle on the way.

The outdoor first aid kit lies among the unique and upgraded items. The kit is constructed with durable nylon case that is lightweight and compact. So, forget about bulky and heavy first aid kits! Coz you got a better one.

They are small so you can carry it to wherever you go. Yet it holds all the valuable medical first aid supplies and preparedness items.

There are 18 items in the first aid kit box. They are packed with 163 piece medical grade essentials like more bandages, flashlight, saber cards, scissors, and so much more. The kit simply contain all the emergency essentials you need and want. And they all come in a durable soft bag that doesn’t break apart.

This is 100% satisfaction guaranteed product. The kit is great and highly recommended. And I am sure whoever get them as a gift will feel safer.



4. Survival Clip Compass

Survival Clip Compass
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The clip is considered as the ultimate survival tool during hiking. There are many types of compasses but better to choose a high quality one. The one I am going to talk about is A2S Paracord Bracelet K2 Peak.

The 5 in 1 survival tool is featured by its multi-use. Besides the virtue of being a good compass, you have a flint fire starter, fire scrapper, emergency knife and a emergency whistle.

As a compass, it has high quality with good working. Keep the compass close to your wrist for quick, easily-accessible navigation. This built-in features a rotating point for marking. The dial is digital for your sufficiency. There is liquid filled capsule and it really works. Made of ultra strong, it is a military grade 550 Paracord compass. The compass is simply slim and accurate.

The fire starter is made of magnesia rod and it is scrapped with the emergency knife to lit fire. The fire scrapper and emergency knife are at the one side along with the compass.

And at the other side, there is fire starter with the whistle. These two sides are joined by 550- seven strands of Parachute cord. Thus, the band is extremely fashionable and functional.

The lightweight and comfortable design of the Paracord Bracelet make it an indispensable survival accessory for any camping, fishing, hiking or hunting trip.

With unmatched power and versatility, it comfortably fits to all the wrists. In addition, compass embedded in buckle for a more easy and secure wear.

A2S Paracord Bracelet K2 Peak has been tried and tested to minimum breaking point of 550lbs/250kg. The amazing fact is you can deploy your 12 feet of Paracord in any situation where an extremely strong rope or cordage is needed. Other uses of the finer seven strands are as fire tinder, fishing line or sewing string.

Thus, the bracelet is completely tested for excellence. This gift can be precious to every hiker.



5. Hiking Socks

Hiking Socks
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I am sure what you might be thinking-”socks”? But, these are obviously not the normal socks that we were. They are a super comfortable and guaranteed product. I have chosen Darn Tough Vermont ¼ Merino Wool Cushion Hiking Socks for you.

Constructed for every kind of terrain during hiking, Darn Tough Vermont Hiking Socks are the excellent quarter cut socks. These socks belong to the imported section with high performance for travel.

The socks are made of 61% Merino wool, 37% Nylon and 2% Lycra Spandex. The Darn Tough uses a custom-count, shrink-treated merino wool that enhances the comfort and durability. The merino wool wicks the moisture. Also, the wool breathes to regulate temperature for outstanding comfort in variety of conditions.

With the reduced weight of 0.48 pounds, there is high easy cushioning underfoot with reinforced heels and toes.

There is ribbing above the ankles ensuring a snug fit. Also, the elastic support around the arch make them comfortable. Ring-toe construction hides the seams and increases the ease. These are machine washable products.

They are available in different color and pattern options so that your gift can stand out. So, go for the hiking socks that gives you lifetime warranty.



6. Fire Starter

Mini Fire Starter
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Another useful stuff during the hiking can be a ini fire starter. You might think you would never use it but it is so simple to work with this every time. And I must say, a fire starter can save one’s life in a hike/trek.

The fire starter I choiced is Uberleben Kraftig Ferro Rod/Fire Starter for Bushcraft Survival. Light and robust in nature, it is easy to use. Keep it in your pocket and off you go.

The rod length is 5 inches. It is made by using quality ferrocerium. With this half inches(2.5 mm) ferrocerium rod, it can be scrapped upto 20,000 strikes. The glowed sparks showers at 5,500F( 3000C) to ignite a fire at any altitude. This can be possible in any weather even in wet and damp conditions.

It includes precision drilled ferro rod, 6 function multi-tool scraper, and 3mm shock-cord lanyard for multiple securing options. They are perfect for all kind of backpacking, hiking, camping, hunting, emergency, campfire etc.

The Überleben Kräftig Ferro Rod/ Fire Starter is a gadget for any outdoors and indoors to pack and use whenever they need fire.



7. Titanium Spork

Titanium Spork
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Wondering what is spork? It is the simple combo of spoon and fork. It is a perfect outdoor gift for people loving travel, backpacking, and camping. It is such a durable object that could be used non-destructively for many years.

The Outsmart Titanium Sporks that I have selected, is a three-in-one metal utensil i.e fork, spoon, and knife(serrated edge). Smartly designed and practically usable, the fork has the weight of 0.7 ounces.

The titanium spork is a metal spork with lightness of a plastic spork. The superior quality is given by the properties of titanium and by added ridges for maximum stiffness. The spork is easy to handle and use. Thus, it is a useful product for the outdoors.

As titanium is healthy, eco-friendly, and safe, there are not any side-effects. The spork is completely healthy to use. The spork is heat resistant as the melting point of titanium is 2372 F/1300 C. You can use it directly over the fire. It is durable, non-corrosive, non-magnetic, hypoallergenic, non-toxic, and biocompatible with human skin.

With this spork, you get the bonus of reusable easy-lock carry case. As the spork is reusable and lasts for years, this case will help you to keep it clean and protected.

This is the world class risk-free product with 90 days of moneyback guarantee.

So, remove the plastic disposable cutlery sets or stainless steel utensils. Get yourself a super durable and ultralight titanium spork. I bet when you will be buying this to someone, you will love to have one too.



8. National Parks Wall Map

National Parks Wall Map
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All the hikers love to hang National Parks Map on their wall that inspires them for their next hiking adventure. And all would love to have and browse a real map though it’s the age of google maps.

Personally speaking, I would love to have the National Geographic Maps. Inspired by the fact that National Geographic Maps are responsible for illustrating the world around us through art and scientific mapmaking. So, they are sure to create the world’s best wall maps, atlases and recreation maps.

The geographic location of the map might depend on your preference. Better to choose the places that is fascinating and you or your friend have never been to.

I have chosen the National Geographic’s wall map of National Parks of the USA highlighting nearly 400 magnificent parks of America. The country is represented in subtle earth tones with shaded mountain relief and intricately drawn river systems. Photos capture some of the diverse landscapes preserved and protected by the national park system.

Separate inset maps provide detail and descriptions of the seven of the parks: Yellowstone, Yosemite, Acadia, Grand Canyon, Great Smoky Mountains, and Zion. Parks located in US territories are included on inset world map.

It includes the list of parks near metropolitan areas along with many popular national parks and other places.

The map is packaged in a two inch diameter clear plastic tube. The tube has a decorative label showing a thumbnail of the map with dimensions and other pertinent information.

Thus, this map make a great influence to the one, you will be giving the map.



9. Swiss Army Knife

Swiss Army Knife
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The Swiss Army Knife is the standard hiking related gift. Stylish & tough yet lightweight, this multifunctional tool is what the outdoors enthusiasts need.

There are dozen of choices for this kind of knife. Among them, I found Rugged Knife Multi Tool Swiss Style Army Pocket very durable and stylish. They are exceptionally built multi functional rugged tool.

Thiss pocket knife is made with a large, sturdy, and reliable stainless knife blade. The  Philips are very handy and tough. The head screwdrivers are flat, and the scissors are convenient. Other tools are bottle opener, can opener, nail file, nail cleaner and key ring. They are equally useful.

They come with 3.75” closed, 6.25” open with 2.5” blade making the total weight of 3.3 ounces. This product is lifetime warranted.

The Rugged Knife Multi Tool Swiss Style Army Pocket Knife is a tool that is perfect for yourself and as a gift. I am sure you will not be disappointed.



10. Archeer 16*52 Monocular Dual Focus Optics Zoom Telescope

Archeer 16*52 Monocular Dual Focus Optics Zoom Telescope
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What can be the other way to impress your hiking loving friend than by gifting a telescope? Afterall it is stylish and a useful tool.

ARCHEER 16*52 Monocular Dual Focus Optics Zoom Telescope is one of the gift that can be given under the limited price. With the magnification of 16*52, the telescope sees the things 16 times closer and clearer & brighter range of view with 52mm lens. The used lens is the most powerful handheld monocular providing the most pleasant view.

The multi coated optics is the upgraded version of the green AR with dual focus capability (Front and back adjustment). The multicoated optics guarantee the superior light transmission and brightness.

The main advantage of this telescope is the night vision that comes up with easy focusing. Due to the low light level vision built-in design, it has clear vision even at night. This makes the tool useful for every kind of outdoors.

It is waterproof and fogproof. So, it is great for any weather and any environment. Due to this feature, this monocular is frequently chosen by nature enthusiasts.

With them, you get a 1*ARCHEER 16*52 Monocular and 1* Bag ARCHEER. Along with them, it comes with 18 month hassle free warranty.



11. Outdoor Coffee Maker

Outdoor Coffee Maker
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If your friend is a coffee addict, then there cannot be other special gifts than a good coffee maker. A handy coffee maker that one can take on every backpacking trip, and even on cold weather hikes. It can be equally useful at home too.

For me among all, Stansport Aluminum Percolator Coffee Pot is the best and portable coffee maker.

It is made of durable, rust proof, high gloss polished aluminium. It comes with top and side handles and an easy pour spout. It brews up to 9 cups of coffees at a time.

The coffee pot is a standard 3 piece percolator system with stem and basket included. Also, it features a hardwood handle to insulate from heat. Due to this feature, the pot heats quickly.

The rugged stainless steel construction is made up to the end. It makes the product durable and long lasting. With 7 inches height, 8 inches length and 5 inches width, the pot makes stylish and handy design.

Every hiker would be happy to have them as a gift. So, get them for yourself and your friend too!



12. Water Filter

Water Filter
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During any kind of backpacking, you are definitely not sure about your drinking water. You might get serious disorder if you ignore that. Knowing its true essence, I have chosen LifeStraw Water Filter as my next choice for the giving.

LifeStraw Filter is an ultralight water purifier for your backpacking weighing 2 ounces. It takes little space in your backpacking. But, this little thing can purify upto 1000 liters of contaminated water with iodine, chlorine, and other chemicals.

This is a straw typed filter with hollow fiber membrane. The hollow fiber membrane offers the high flow rate. You just have to sip on the straw. It filters the water while it’s on the way to your mouth.

0.2 micron filter technology physically removes 99.999% of waterborne bacterias such as Salmonella, Cholera and E.Coli. It can even easily eradicate 99.999% of all waterborne protozoans like Giardia and Cryptosporidium.

The housing material of the filter is ABS plastic which is BPA free and field cleanable. It even includes a removable lanyard.

It simply can be taken for your preparedness and survival which can be regularly blown. It filters every water clean and prevents clogging. It makes you more ready to face the adventure on your way.

This award winning LifeStraw Filter has been used by millions of people around the globe. For the emergency storing, it comes in a sealed bag.

You will not regret after you purchase them. I guarantee that!



13. Mini Backpack

Mini Backpack
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Not always the bulky and large backpacks are useful. Even the mini backpacks are of great use specially during short hikes.

Hence, I have brought you 12L Military Tactical BackPack Nylon Waterproof Trekking Bag. Yes! Its quite a long name. But, it is of medium size & weight and super stylish.

Its outer material is high strength abrasion nylon with waterproof silky cotton inner. The back is supported by the thick breathable sponge. The hardware is assisted by metal and lengthen rope pull head.

There is an adjustable long shoulder strap of military nylon fabric. Also, a non detachable shoulder strap is available. The chest sliding control system is simply adorable. It comforts you ride much better. Though, the weight of the bag is 1.21 pounds.

There are one zippered front pocket and two mesh side pockets at the exterior. While at the interior, one main, one zipped and one lining pocket are on hand for convenience.

The capacity of the bag is 12L. The bag is a high intensity military styled garment of scratch-resistant nylon. MOLLE external expansion system is used in this bag for loading all the needy garments. This also makes the bag waterproof and not easy to fade.

You can keep any kind of equipment and accessory in it. Their high strength will not let you down. So, it perfectly suitable for fitness, outdoor travel, hiking and other activities.



14. Solar Power Bank

Solar Power Bank
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In this digital age, every hiker would not want to have energy deficiency. Whether it might be physically or technically(i.e in your gadgets).

You might wonder how can your electronic gadgets would run continuously without any disturbance. I have the solution with me. As I have picked the Solar Power Bank as the useful and adorable present to the hikers.

The gadget is the whole combination of the solar charger, solar power bank of 10000mAh, external backup pack dual USB solar panel charger along with 2 LED light Carabiner Compass. Though the combo seems a bit veg, it is portable for emergency outdoor camping, travel and backpacking.

Let me explain the whole mishmash individually.

First is the outdoor solar charger. It is water resistant, shock resistant and dust solar phone charger. It is equipped with compass and two LED flashlights. The charger would definitely help you with your phone. Subsequently, the powerful LED lights would help you for dark emergencies.

Second is the dual USB, covered by the side. It is an universal 5V/1A and 5V/2.1A outputs that can be applicable for most digital devices. The devices include 2.1A port for ipad/tablets, 1A ports for phone and  5V USB supported devices. There is the Automatic Smart Identification which make it more convenient and practical.

The superior and light design of the power bank is above the explanation. Moreover, it is even belongs to the reliable and durable material( ABS + PC +Silicone).

The power bank comes with hanger. So, it can be easily hanged on the backpack or even freely carried in hands. You would not have to worry about losing it anyway.

The LED are small yet super powerful. They are used as flashlight with Steady-SOS-Strobe mode. So, with them the blackout can be secured.

To know the status of the battery charger, five pilot indicators will help you. Green light is on when charging by solar and blue light is on when USB charging.

There is an external battery with solar panel that can be recharge by solar or outlet. But, the company recommends not to take the solar as the main power source. It is set mainly for topping. It is subjected to sunlight intensity and panel conversion rate which may take long toe to charge.

Thus, this solar power bank is an extremely usable product nowadays. There can not be other gadgets that is better gifted than a stylish and branded solar power bank. And not to forget it is 100% warranted product.



15. Trekking Poles

Trekking Poles
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Next gift item that is useful for the hikers is trekking poles. Though they might be quite expensive, there are even good and reliable inexpensive trekking poles. Some of them also falls under $25. So, it is a kind of wonder to have the poles at these rates.

I have BAFX 2 Pack Anti Shock Hiking/Trekking Trail Poles, which is new and much improved. They are made of durable and lightweight aluminum. The poles extend from 26.5 to 53 inches( approximately) with the weight of 12 ounces each. It comes with carbide tips as well as 4 rubber tips (2 pairs).

The poles are more comfortable and stylish. I must say that the hand grip is of fabulous design and comfort. The wrist strap is padded and wider for more support and comfort. Grips are now ribbed for less hand slippage with sweaty hands.

Each pole also comes with a mud basket for hiking in mud, snow or softer ground coverings. So, simply you don’t have to worry about the trails you will be walking. With them you can cross even the roughest terrain.

BAFX trekking poles has the guarantee of complete one year against the manufacturing defects. They are the best product that can be bought at the reasonable price.



16. Hiking Gloves

Hiking Gloves
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Hiking gloves can be another choice for your gift that is under the mentioned budget. One might think it is not as useable as other hiking gears. But, if the gloves have extra ordinary features, you should not ignore them.

There is Sun Protection Fingerless Gloves which I truly love. Personally, I use and admire them. So, this lies in my recommendation of hiking gears.

Sun Protection Fingerless Gloves are the new version of Fingerless UV Gloves. A leading test company verifies them. They are lightweight protective and comfortable sun glove weighing 2.4 ounces.

The gloves have verified SPF and UPF of 50+ UV sunscreen. And the sun-protection is in the material without any spray on chemicals. Thus, they easily block burn damage and helps protect hands from sunburn, sun spots and skin toughening & aging. This reduces the chances of precancerous skin lesions and melanomas.

Light palm padding of these sun gloves is perfect for hiking, trekking, cycling etc. Besides them, they can be equally used for boating, jet sky ride, water skiing, wakeboarding, biking, rafting etc. They are even ready for all the strenuous activities.

Spandex and amara faux synthetic leather are used as their fabric. These leathers give stretch and comfort. The fabric also is added with black non-slip padded patches adding toughness.

There is an adjustable Velcro wrist strap that adjusts to any size of wrist. The gloves are machine washable. The fabric even retains its protectiveness even after washing. This is because no artificial chemicals are treated in them.

So Guys! Your hands deserve them. And they are smart choice for you hiking loving friend.



17. Sports Sunglasses

Sports Sunglasses
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In every hike or trek, everyone is badly affected by the scorching sun. The sun can easily reduce your energy. Plus, it can harshly affect your sensitive organs like eyes. Better to have proper precaution for them. For such cases, a good sunglass is a soothable choice.

Among all other glasses, I loved Duduma Polarized Designer Fashion Sports Sunglasses. They are good looking, superlight, stylish, durable and clear.

They are tac polarized lens with 100% UV400 protection coating. Thus, they are sure to block 100% UVA & UVB rays. TAC lens includes 7 layers. The first layer is polarization layer. The second and third layers are bonding layers to enable durability. The fourth and fifth layers are UV protection layers to absorb UV light. The last layers are shatterproof layers.

The shades restore true color and eliminate the reflected light and scattered light. They protect the eyes perfectly. The flattering lines and design features create aesthetically pleasing appearance. The polycarbonate lens and frames are impact, scratch and durable. Rimless jacket frame design enables the clear lower visual field.

The stylish and lightweight design is ideal for climbing, trekking, skiing, racing and other outdoor activities. The cool design of the glass supports ladies, boys and girls.

The rich color combination of frames and lens is unfaded. There is no risk purchasing them as they are unbreakable. They even come with lifetime breakage warranty on frame.



18. Lightweight Backpacking Pillow

Lightweight Backpacking Pillow
More photos & price on Amazon

Backpacking Pillow is the necessary gear specially if you are out for camping. So, a lightweight backpacking pillow as a gift can be happily accepted by all such outdoorsy type people.

I have selected Instant Camp’s compressible and inflatable Air Pillow. They are ultralight (2.4 oz) product that is for backpacking, camping and outdoor travel.

The pillow is made of nylon and is the lightest pillows on the market in the world. So, its like a must pack item for smart travelers.

Due to the convenience, it is getting more popular. It is easy to roll and handle. It folds effortlessly back into its stuff sack. The ability to inflate and deflate in seconds makes it truly convenient and easy to travel with.

The unique design of the pillow also comforts you a lot. Two center baffles are designed to create a perfect place to sleep. This also stabilizes your head’s stability.

The premium quality nylon has a much better feel than other plastic covered alternatives. This is great for stomach, back, and side sleepers.

The Instant Camp’s Sleeping Pillow comes is packed for. Well you should know that, it doesn’t have foam and does not self initiate. It requires 2.5 to 5 breaths to fully inflate.

So, make a smart choice by buying them for your friend and yourself as well.



19. Sleeping Bag

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When you are in the out for camping or hiking, sometimes sleeping place can create problem. As good sleep is necessary during long trips, why to risk such situations?

Get yourself a sleeping bag and forget such complications.

As many sleeping bags are available under $25, they might be perfect choice for you. I have selected the Coleman Trinidad Warm-Weather Sleeping Bag for you. You can gift them and have them for yourself as well.

Coleman Trinidad Warm-weather sleeping bag is the imported hiking item that are beneficial during warm weather. It is best used for temperature from 40F to 60F. And it fits for the most heights up to 5ft 11 inches. The dimension is 33*75 inches.

The whole design is made and filled with100% polyester. Even the covers and linings are brushed with polyester. Thus, the product is machine washable.

There is fiberlock construction which prevents insulation from shifting. The technique also extends the life of your bag. Every design of the bag is designed to keep you cozy.

The zippers available are No-Snag patented zipper. It plows the fabric away the zipper to prevent snags. This will let you to have sound sleep without any disturbances.

So, you can sleep comfortably at any temperature and at any place with these warranted product. I recommend you not to let go from your hands.

These are truly worth it product!



20. National Park Posters

National Park Posters
More photos & price on Amazon

Every hiker is crazy about national park poster. So, national park posters can be the choice of gift for them.

I have chosen this Original Artwork of National Park Posters. This is combination of six packs. They are 100% original artwork that is numbered, dated and signed by the artist, Robert B. Decker.

The National Park Poster Collection includes posters from Arches National Park, Glacier National Park, Grand Tetons National Parks, Yellowstone National Park, Mesa Verde National Park, Rocky Mountain National Park.

The poster is produced in a style reminiscent of the Works Program Administration posters of the 1930s and 1940s. However, this artwork is based on the original photography, and are digitally processed in a unique way.

These National Park posters represent the first six posters in the series. This is not a reproduction of a poster made during the WPA era. This is original artwork, created from original photography in the 21st century. They are available in full color.

These posters can be a fascinating gift to everyone specially to hikers.



21. Sunscreen/Sunblock Cream

Sunscreen/Sunblock Cream
More photos & price on Amazon

Sometimes sun creates a huge problem during hiking and trekking. The power of sun rays increases with the distance and altitude you travel. So, it is better to take preventive measure against it.

As skin is the most exposable part to the sun, you should take care of it. The care can be done by using sunscreen with convenient SPF.

As I said your skin need to be cared, I definitely don’t want to hamper my skin. It can happen if you use craggy chemical treatment. Thus, I love to have a natural sunscreen cream. And among them I found SPF Rx Natural Sunscreen SPF 30, the best.

The cream is completely chemical free mineral based sunblock cream. It is made of aloe vera and shea butter. It can be used in your face and the whole body as well. It is natural so it can be used by kids and adults both.

The sunscreen provides UVA/UVB Broad Spectrum Protection with zinc oxide and titanium dioxide wat the ratio 5% and 3% respectively. The minerals used are also anti aging and reduce the factor of cancer.

It contains rich botanicals and powerful antioxidants in a Paraben-free sunscreen formula. And this is completely fragrance free.

It is good to have such water and perspiration resistant cream. It even lasts upto 80 minutes which means long time protection. Hence, you can carry on your every outdoor activities for longer time.

Likewise, it is also available in various packs and choices. There are 1 oz and 5 oz in pocket size and travel size respectively. And 1 quart and gallon as large and bulk sunscreen 2, 4 and 10 packs.

I say to choose this sunscreen to your friend. Because this marks the sense of your care. And as these are natural, the care is more genuine.

Thus, every hiking loving fella deserve them.



22. Arm Warmers

Arm Warmers
More photos & price on Amazon

I suggest arm warmers to all the outdoorsy people loving hiking and camping. It is because of its multi advantages. It prevents tendon inflammation, avoids harmful UV rays, and protect your arms from wind and dust.

Well, out of many, I would love to have Aegend Arm Warmers. They are made of high classic fabric. The premium soft fabrics are made of 88% polyamide fiber and 12% spandex. This combo ensures zero pulling, high elasticity, superb moisture absorption, and sweat releasing of our sleeves.

The fabrics of the arm sleeves are treated with ultraviolet light. So, they can absorb the high energy ultraviolet  and maximally protect your arms from sun damage. They also protect your arms from wind and dust. Also, they help calm sore muscles.

They are very easy to rip off i.e offers easy on/off. They are elaborately sewed with high quality seaming threads, which brings the sleeves an excellent tear resistant.

With the ergonomic design and admirable elastic bands sewed into the arm sleeves, it’s hard for them to slid out and buch up. Thus, it has anti-slip property.

These arm warmers are sure to provide outstanding comfort and excellent breathability. So, you can see the multi use of these materials.

Believe me, once you will buy them, there are no regrets.



23. Insulated Bottles

Insulated Bottles
More photos & price on Amazon

Insulated Bottles are also there as a present for the hikers under $25.

Geysa Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottles are sweat proof and leakproof bottles. The deep groove seal technology together with BPA free plastic seal which ensures their excellence.

The double wall insulation technology allows for drinks to maintain their temperature for longer. It keeps cold for 24 hours and hot for 12 hours. No matter what the exterior temperature is, your drink will remain the same the same inside the bottle.

The standard spout allows for easy drinking and enough space to drop in ice cubes. Thus, it keeps your beverage cooler for longer. The polished design of this bottle coupled with an earthy bamboo lid cap will definitely stand out from rest.

The bottle consists of 304(18/8) stainless steel which provides a robust build for any occasion whether it be hiking, cycling, camping, gym or just to the office. Its special design along with its material is a testament to its durability.

With these bottles, you don’t have to worry about anything as it comes with lifetime warranty.



24. Mini GPS Tracker

Mini GPS Tracker
More photos & price on Amazon

In this digital world, the GPS tracker is taken as a real and true friend for hiking. And it is good to know, their mini sizes are available at the limited price below $25.

So, the Mini GPS Tracker is my next choice. ABLEGRID Real Time GPS Tracker is one of them. It is live and real time tracking, built in GPS personal locator.

It works with GSM/SMS communication or GPRS/UDP connection.(this doesn’t include SIM Card)

This works worldwide.

The cutting edge GPS tracker is designed for advanced tracking/monitoring, especially for vehicle tracking using GPS, GSM, and GPRS technology. This even works well in areas with limited sky view like urban canyons.

The GPS tracker is designed for use in any vehicle to track its location such as cars, trucks, boats, motor, vans, and construction machinery and many more. Simply, the live tracking possibilities are limitless.

This is particularly useful even in case your belongings get stolen. So, it is simply time to enjoy the benefits of this GPS tracker brings.



25. Low Gaiters

Low Gaiters
More photos & price on Amazon

At the end of the list comes another important gear for hiking i.e low gaiters.

If you are wondering about them, then let me tell you. Gaiters are the garments worn over the shoe and lower pants leg. It is used as personal protective equipment for snow and extreme conditions. They keep out pebbles, branches, and other debris out of your boots.

Thus, they can be great gift for the hiker.

There is Outdoor Research Sparkplug Gaiters for you.

They are imported garment made of 86% nylon and 14% spandex. They are breathable and lightweight garment. They are provided with movement mirroring stretch along with anti-slip silicone pads.

There are hook and loop patches at heel for secure attachment. Also, an elastic top and bottom edges are available for you comfort and ease.

Every hiker is surely gonna love all the features of Outdoor Research Sparkplug Gaiters.



The Verdict

Thus, these are the stuff that can be gifted or bought under $25.

At first, you definitely have thought what special would come from mere $25. And now your thoughts might have changed a bit.

I find all the above gifts really usable and impressive. Also, as all of them are durable and reliable, you don’t have to think twice before buying them.

All of them are branded and guaranteed.

So, I believe you have made your choice. Go for it and have a good time!

Also, don’t forget to share your opinions on the comment box below. You can also have your queries in them.

Till then, Keep Smiling! Keep Enlightening!

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