Best Down Jacket for Men
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Best Down Jackets for Men: Packable, Warm and Stylish

You will probably agree with me when I say nothing beats a great down jacket.

Be it a casual wear or tearing around the backcountry, this feather filled jacket offers the best warmth-to-weight ratio on the market. And it is perfect for all kind of winter activities such as hiking, skiing to outdoor photography.

A down jacket isn’t cheap. So is it worth investing?


With a great down jacket, you’ll easily be able to insulate your body heat and protect yourself from cold. It’ll keep you warm and cozy in the outdoors for years. It is also lightweight and packable.

But how do you know which is the best down jacket for you?

Here at Hiking Reviewed, it’s our goal to help you find the right gears. After researching over 50 high quality packable down jackets for men available on the market today, we purchased the 10 best for in-depth reviews and testing.

Below is our review of the best men’s down jackets of 2018. Check them out and see if one of them would be a perfect match for you this winter. And if we missed your favorite down jacket, don’t hesitate to let us know in the comment below.

The 10 Best Down Jackets for Men in 2019

Best Down Jacket for MenEditor's RatingPrice
Rab Neutrino Endurance Jacket
(Editor's Pick)
Arcteryx Cerium LT Jacket
(Top Pick)
Mountain Hardware Ghost Whisperer Jacket
(Top Pick)
Patagonia Down Sweater Jacket
Tommy Hilfiger Packable Down Puffer Jacket
Columbia Gold 650 Turbo Down Jacket
Calvin Klein Classic Packable Down Jacket
Gerry True Grit Heavy Down Puffer Jacket
Hawke & Co. Packable Down Puffer Jacket
ZSHOW Winter Hooded Packable Down Jacket

10 Best Down Jackets for Men Review in 2019

Now that you know why you need a down jacket and how to choose one, you can go through the following jackets and choose the one that best appeals to your requirements.

1. Rab Neutrino Endurance Jacket

Features we liked:

  • Pertex Endurance Shell and Hydrophobic down
  • Three-way adjustable hood
  • 30% more fill power
  • Longer hem
  • Wind proof and water resistant
  • Elastic wrist cuffs
  • Zippered pockets and one inside pocket
Rab Neutrino Endurance Jacket
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Rab Neutrino Endurance Jacket is the one for you if you’re looking for high performance technical jacket.

If you ask why, then it’s because the Rab Neutrino Endurance Jacket is designed with the cold weather athlete in mind. But the fun fact is that it can be equally beneficial for you even if you’re a casual wearer.

This particular jacket is made up of 9 ounces of 800 PF hydrophobic goose down for insulation and an outer shell made of pertex endurance fabric.

What this means is that the Rab Neutrino Endurance Jacket will protect you inside out from external elements and will keep you sufficiently insulated throughout.

When comes down to warmth, Rab Neutrino Endurance Jacket beats all other jackets of similar make.

It comprises 30% more fill power than others, which makes it the best insulator for you in the freezing cold with snow.

The Rab Neutrino Endurance Jacket also features an insulated adjustable hood and elastic/Velcro cuff closures. This will allow you to seal out the cold drafts and stay warmer for longer.

I used my Rab Neutrino Endurance Jacket when I went ice climbing and ski touring. Upon my expedition I realized that the best feature it had was the longer hem.

It covered my backside when sitting down on a snowy bench or on a chairlift. It also aided in insulating my back which was so great because I can move with my back freezing.

Similarly the adjustable hem of Rab Neutrino Endurance Jacket will provide you another means to keep yourself warm and trap the heat inside.

This feature can also come in handy if you want to dump off the heat in case its getting too warm.

While you’re out in the cold with knee-deep snow, warmth is not the only things you need. You also need the ability to perform.

And that is what Rab Neutrino Endurance Jacket exactly provides you. It keeps you warm and at the same time provides you enough flexibility so that you can move around easily.

I really like the amount of weather protection, the Rab Neutrino Endurance Jacket offers. It gave me the confidence to venture out even during poor weather conditions.

The Rab Neutrino Endurance Jacket gets its name from the fact that it can endure both snow and light rain and transmit the moisture built up out through perspiration, all the while keeping the down dry.

It can do all this with the help of high quality features. It is made of Pertex Endurance Outer Shell, which is a PU coated, breathable fabric.

In addition, the chemically treated hydrophobic down will provide you an extra margin of security against wet insulation, especially when the Pertex Shell is compromised.

I think you’ll really like the three-way adjustable hood cinches. It will keep the warm air inside even while you’re wearing a ski helmet or a knit hat.

The Rab Neutrino Endurance Jacket also features elastic wrist cuffs with additional Velcro straps, which will give you enough options for tight seal around the gloves.

Along with that, it also features a three-way adjustable hood which you can adjust using a Velcro tab on the back of the head instead of a draw cord. The hood, on the other hand, is helmet compatible and features a wire brim to keep the snow or rain out of your face.

Similarly, the two hand pockets of the Rab Neutrino Endurance Jacket have water resistant zippers and fleece lining on the back of the hand. There’s also a large zippered internal pocket, which will give you place to put stuffs.

So with such amazing features and such reasonable price, isn’t Rab Neutrino Endurance Jacket the one you were looking for?




2. Arcteryx Cerium LT Jacket

Features we liked:

  • Strategic placement of synthetic insulation in areas prone to moisture
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Highly compressible
  • Insulated collar with chin guard
  • Zippered hand pockets
Arcteryx Cerium LT Jacket
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If you’re looking for a high fill power, super warm down jacket then you’ve come to the right place.

The Arcteryx Cerium LT Jacket is a high loft 850-fill power European white goose down. And you already know, higher the fill power, the more insulation you get from a given quantity of down.

So you can acquire the most warmth-to-weight ratio from Arcteryx Cerium LT Jacket.

However, you can’t totally rely on Arcteryx Cerium LT Jacket when it gets wet. However to dodge that, the Down Composite Mapping has strategically placed synthetic insulation in areas that are prone to moisture like cuffs and also places where you need the most warmth.

I really like the fact that Arcteryx Cerium LT Jacket lies at the exact intersection when it comes to lightness and warmth.

Normally, when the jacket is super light it isn’t warm enough to carry around. But with Arcteryx Cerium LT Jacket, you get the optimum combination of both.

So it is light. It is warm. It is packable.

Similarly the semi-translucent Arato 10, nylon fabric makes the Arcteryx Cerium LT Jacket light but tough. Not only tough, it’s so trim that it’ll fit to your body and give you the maximum efficiency.

The Arcteryx Cerium LT Jacket is particularly suitable for you if you’re looking forward to go around in cold and dry conditions.

The outer fabric does have DWR treatment which can shed light showers and snow melt but it doesn’t have hydrophobic down. So you can’t fully rely on its water resisting capabilities.

However I really like the mobility the Arcteryx Cerium LT Jacket provides. It has a 3-part sleeve so that you can move your arms with more flexibility.

Similarly when not in use, you can just compress your Arcteryx Cerium LT Jacket and put it in the stuff sack. It will save you space in your backpack and will also help to avoid stains jacket.

The design of Arcteryx Cerium LT Jacket comprises a higher insulated collar with chin guard. It will provide you extra warmth and will block wind without scratching your chin.

To mention the obvious, you’ll also have two zippered pockets where you can  carry and put your stuffs safely.

However the Arcteryx Cerium LT Jacket is designed as a mid-layer for colder weather but can be used as outer layer in cooler and dry weather.

Except that Arcteryx Cerium LT Jacket is a perfect jacket one can get at this price.




3. Mountain Hardware Ghost Whisperer Jacket

Features we liked:

  • Q Shield down
  • Low profile quilt pattern for trapping heat
  • Single interior toggle hem
  • Machine wash
  • Super light and highly compressible
  • Whisperer 7D X 10D ripstop nylon fabric
Mountain Hardware Ghost Whisperer Jacket
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Like the name itself says, the Ghost Whisperer Jacket is paper thin and feather light.

Are you up for a multi-pitch climb or a multi-day expedition? In that case Ghost Whisperer Jacket is the perfect jacket for you. It’ll provide you both comfortability and safety.

I personally liked Ghost Whisperer Jacket because of its light-weighted-ness and heaviness on technology.

It features a Q Shield moisture-resistant hydrophobic down and whisperer 7D X 10D ripstop nylon fabric. Isn’t this exactly what you’d be looking for in a mountain proprietary material?

The Ghost Whisperer Jacket weighs only around 8.4 ounces, which is considerably light for a down jacket. Not only light, it will also keep you warm in variety of situations from your mid-altitude climbing excursions to dry, cold and windy excursions at Antarctica.

However it depends upon you if you want to use it as a part of the overall layering system or as a super-light single insulation piece.

If you want to check out its warmth-to-weight ratio, then it might as well be an impossible task to find another jacket performing better or just as good.

The Ghost Whisperer Jacket is constructed for you using 800 fill power down, which also adds to the overall quality of the jacket.

Similarly the Whisperer ripstop nylon does a great job when it comes to resisting the wind. When you wear this jacket you’ll find it hard to believe how well it resists the wind given its thin outlook.

The overall design of Ghost Whisperer Jacket features no draw cord, no Velcro on the wrists, only two hand-warmer pockets, ultra-light zippers and no reinforced areas. Well rather than to see them as absence I see it as a way to most perfectly address the minimalist approach.

In crux Ghost Whisperer Jacket has features that are essentially required.

I hate getting wet and getting wet while wearing a down jacket is even worse. When wet, the down loses all its insulating capabilities leaving us cold and soggy.

However the Ghost Whisperer Jacket is clad with hydrophobic down technology, which makes it better at repelling water than most down jackets.

When it comes to compressibility, the Ghost Whisperer Jacket is a ghost. You can collapse it down inside its own pocket, forming a package about twice the size of a 7 mm.

Also the clips can help you hang the stuffed Ghost Whisperer Jacket onto your harness or backpack, ensuring you won’t leave it any place.

If you’re a person who likes to do everything in style, then the Ghost Whisperer Jacket got you covered there too. It comes in some flashy, creatively contrasting colors that’ll make it look so cool, yet so techy.

Similarly the elastic hood rim and cuffs lack adjustability, but the suction cups themselves over the helmets and gloves. This will provide you adequate protection and performance and will also keep the weight of the jacket down.

Given such qualities, I think the price is totally justifiable.




4. Patagonia Down Sweater Jacket

Features we liked:

  • Windproof shell fabric with high tear-strength
  • Quilted construction with 800 fill power down
  • Nylon bound elastic cuffs and drawcord hem
  • Traceable down and 100% recycled polyester
  • 10 on 10 style
Patagonia Down Sweater Jacket
More photos & price on Amazon


Are you looking for something that is warm enough to be used as a comfortable mid-layer while skiing in the winter and also compressible enough to bring along on summer adventures?

If yes, then you’ve come to the right place. The Patagonia Down Sweater Jacket will serve you perfectly in both the situations to your best expectation.

I really liked Patagonia Down Sweater Jacket for its Traceable Down.

Most of the times when I were a down jacket I really feel guilty for the ducks and geese who might’ve suffered, but a traceable down means that the animals that provided this fluffy insulation were not tortured during the process.

So now with Patagonia Down Sweater Jacket, you can stay warm without the guilt.

Well to make it more better, the outer shell of Patagonia Down Sweater Jacket is 100% recycled polyester.

It’s not much, but buying Patagonia Down Sweater Jacket is one step towards saving the earth you love so much.

Similarly, its 800-fill power down perfectly insulated my body and kept me warm throughout. Even at the end, there was very less I could complain about.

However, its warmth-to-weight ratio isn’t as spectacular as the best ones, but it’ll keep you adequately warm for low to mid-altitude ski touring and alpine climbing as outer layer.

Similarly the fitting of Patagonia Down Sweater Jacket is pretty snug, which will serve you perfectly as a mid-layer.

The Patagonia Down Sweater Jacket weighs about a pound, which most is contributed by the solid outer shell. This isn’t very light considering other choices, but once you wear in cold you’ll forget the weight.

Despite the weight, when it comes to water resistance Patagonia Down Sweater Jacket won’t ever disappoint you.

It’s made of 1.4 oz 20*30 denier 100% recycled polyester ripstop shell, which is further DWR treated. It’ll feel super soft on your skin and harsh on the rain. It’ll repel water and will also avoid precipitation for you.

When you stuff down the Patagonia Down Sweater Jacket, it’ll compress down the size of a small pillow. It can particularly come in handy when you want to sleep in plane or during hikes.

I first bought the Patagonia Down Sweater Jacket for its style. It is its best feature so far.

The style, first off, is influenced by a retro look that screams classic Patagonia and offsets the colors of the inside and the outside.

Secondly, its super thin. The horizontally placed baffles give it that standard puffy jacket look, which you certainly would want in your down jacket.

The drawcord of waist recesses into the hand pockets providing it a standard feature. Similarly the extra length in the torso makes the Patagonia Down Sweater Jacket very functional.

The Patagonia Down Sweater Jacket is non-hooded and has a stand up collar, which will come up-to your chin keeping you warm and preventing the heat from escaping.

So is Patagonia Down Sweater Jacket the one you were looking for? If yes then hurry up and click that link.




5. Tommy Hilfiger Packable Down Puffer Jacket

Features we liked:

  • Extremely light weight with great insulation
  • Casual and normal fit design
  • Drawstring bag
  • Elastic cuffs and water proof zipper
  • High breathability
  • Nylon shell fabric
  • Huge array of color choices
Tommy Hilfiger Packable Down Puffer Jacket
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Are you looking for a super light down jacket, which despite the least will provide you excellent warmth? In that case you don’t need to look further.

The Tommy Hilfiger Down Puffer Jacket will keep you comfortably warm in temperatures as low as -10 degree Celsius. And when you see how light it is, you’ll just gasp in awe.

However it might differ just a notch for different people based on their cold-bearing capacity.

Of all the features, I personally like its casual design as I prefer a less bulky option for the flexibility it offers.

Also despite the light weight and non-bulky appearance, the inner lining is highly breathable. The filling ids quite full and can serve as a good daily jacket during the freezing temperatures.

Along with being casual, it is also a normal fit design with hip-length. So if you’re active kind of person who tends to move a lot then Tommy Hilfiger Down Puffer Jacket is the one for you.

Similarly the cuffs of Tommy Hilfiger Down Puffer Jacket are elastic, which will ensure that you are insulated inside despite the cold and wind outside.

The Tommy Hilfiger Down Puffer Jacket comes with a drawstring bag where you can pack and stuff your jacket when not in use. The bag also makes it a whole lot easier to carry it during travel excursions.

If you’re a backpacker and love to travel light, then Tommy Hilfiger Down Puffer Jacket is just the right jacket for you.

You can have a quality down jacket that you’ll protect you against elements and keep you warm, without occupying much space.

The Tommy Hilfiger Down Puffer Jacket I’m discussing is a hoodless design and comes with a medium-height and stand-up collar.

The outer shell of the Tommy Hilfiger Down Puffer Jacket is made of 100% nylon, which makes it windproof and water resistant too. In addition the inner lining is made of Polyester and has a padding of 90% duck down and 10% waterfowl feathers.

So wind or cold or rain, just shine through.

The Tommy Hilfiger Down Puffer Jacket is a quilted jacket with horizontal and vertical quilting combinations. From this feature, you can acquire good distribution of down filling which will ensure that you’re warm and insulated.

Similarly the main zipper is also waterproof and concealed. So another loop hole is also taken care for you.

It is essential that we care for things that care for us but when it comes to cleaning a down jacket it can be quite cumbersome. For that matter, the Tommy Hilfiger Down Puffer Jacket is machine washable and you won’t have to worry any more.

I really liked the Tommy Hilfiger Down Puffer Jacket because it offers a huge range of color choices. You might’ve faced it that normally down jackets are either black, blue, olive or brown.

But no more restrictions.

Now with Tommy Hilfiger Down Puffer Jacket you can choose from among more than ten color options.

So given such amazing features, I think the price is very reasonable. Do you think so too?

Is yes then hurry!




6. Columbia Gold 650 Turbo Down Jacket

Features we liked:

  • Omni-heat thermal reflective
  • 650 TurboDown Insulation
  • Water resistant fabric
  • Zippered hand pockets
  • Binding at cuffs
  • Drawcord adjustable hem
  • 100% Nylon 30D Micro Ripstop shell
Columbia Gold 650 Turbo Down Jacket
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In my earlier section while I was talking about feather down and synthetic down, did you feel somewhere that you wanted both? If yes, then Columbia Gold 650 TurboDown Down Jacket is the perfect one for you.

It is 550-fill down, combined with 100g of superior synthetic insulation that’ll work together to provide you lightweight warmth and heat retention. Even when wet!

With the drastic climate changes that we’ve got to face these days, it’s never sure how the weather’s going to turn out.

Last winter I was hiking along the rough trials of backcountry and all of a sudden it starts to rain. Literally, out of nowhere.

That was the particular moment I was so glad I had my Columbia Gold 650 TurboDown Down Jacket with me.

Not only did it keep me warm against the cold wind, it also kept me dry inside.

The list of benefits doesn’t stop here. The Columbia Gold 650 TurboDown Down Jacket comprises of Omni-Heat reflective lining, which will help you in regulating your body temperature.

The outer fabric of Columbia Gold 650 TurboDown Down Jacket is made of water-resistant 30D micro ripstop nylon shell. Not only will it resist water, but will also add to the overall durability of your Down Jacket.

I personally liked the draw-cord adjustable hem. Sometimes when I removed the layers beneath my Down Jacket, it got a little airy. At those times these hems helped be close the space on the wrists and waist to avoid the cold air from getting inside.

On a scale of 1 to 10, how clumsy are you? Well, if you ask me I’m a 6 and I tend lose a lot of things that I put in my jacket pocket.

However the Columbia Gold 650 TurboDown Down Jacket comes with zip hand pockets. So at times when your hands aren’t inside them you can just pull up the zipper and prevent your things from falling out.

The Columbia Gold 650 TurboDown Down Jacket that I’m reviewing here is a non-hooded jacket with a stand-up collar.

The stand-up collar will provide you more firm fitting around your neck, which will ensure more warmth inside.

Given all these features, won’t you say that it’s a must have for bold adventures everywhere?




7. Calvin Klein Classic Packable Down Jacket

Features we liked:

  • Range of choices
  • Machine washable
  • Premium down with elastic cuffs
  • Nylon bag for packing
  • Two exteriors and two interior pockets
  • Stylish
 Calvin Klein Classic Packable Down Jacket
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When it comes to buying a product, sometimes just the name of the brand is enough. And if you truly trust Calvin Klein to be a superior brand, then you already know what you want.

Despite that, there are specifications that make Calvin Klein Classic Packable Down Jacket particularly attractive.

To start with, the Calvin Klein Classic Packable Down Jacket looks extremely thin and is light weighted, but when it comes to performance it’ll keep you super warm. But in colder weather you might want to add few layers beneath it to keep yourself warm.

The Calvin Klein Classic Packable Down Jacket features two exterior zippered pockets and two inside pockets.

The exterior pockets will keep your hands warm and when not in use you can store your stuffs inside it and close the zip for security. Similarly the interior pockets provide you extra option for storage of your delicacies, which you might not want to lose.

The wrist cuffs of the Calvin Klein Classic Packable Down Jacket comprises an adjustable elastic wrist-cinch. It will help you to keep the cold air out and hot air in.

When it comes to material Calvin Klein never ceases to provide variety.

The black, midnight, military green and dark chromium colored Calvin Klein Classic Packable Down Jacket are made of 100% nylon.

Similarly the electric blue, granite and deep red metallic jackets are made of 55% polyester and 45% nylon. The navy melange is made of 50% nylon and 50% Polyester.

So you now have variety of choices even inside Calvin based on quality and color. However which one you want to buy is your sole decision.

Whichever you buy, the Calvin Klein Classic Packable Down Jacket is going to come to you with a nylon bag. You can stuff your jacket inside the bag and save space on your travel pack.

The last time I bought a down jacket, I was heart-broken when I unknowingly machine washed it and damaged it.

But with Calvin Klein Classic Packable Down Jacket it’s not a big deal really. You can wash it in your machine and machine-dry it too.

Given the price of Calvin Klein Classic Packable Down Jacket, I think it’s a really good deal.




8. Gerry True Grit Heavy Down Puffer Jacket

Features we liked:

  • Water resistant channel quilt jacket
  • Adjustable draw cord at waist
  • Machine washable
  • Hook-and-loop tabs at cuffs
  • Two exterior and one interior zipped pocket
  • Standing collar
 Gerry True Grit Heavy Down Puffer Jacket
More photos & price on Amazon


Imagine yourself high in the mountains or on a walk to the downtown as the snow begins to fall? What would you wish right that moment?

A warm down jacket, right? And even among the down jackets, I think the Gerry True Grit Heavy Down Puffer Jacket is your true savior. It’ll not only keep you warm but also will do it in style.

Similarly the water resistant mini rip-stop shell will pull you out of any tough climate. It provides excellent weather protection and will ensure that you’re dry inside.

Also, you can truly trust the Gerry True Grit Heavy Down Puffer Jacket and its 650 fill power down for perfect insulation.

I personally liked the small touches that Gerry True Grit Heavy Down Puffer Jacket had, like the adjustable wrist. I could adjust it based on how tight I needed it to hold down my gloves or prevent the cold air to get inside.

Similarly, there’s a hidden band in the waist that you can adjust to keep the cold out. You can tighten it when cold or loosen it if you want to add layers beneath.

The Gerry True Grit Heavy Down Puffer Jacket also features three pockets with zippers.

The two pockets are exterior, which you can use to warm your hands and carry your small stuffs and the third one is big and deep where you can securely store your delicacies.

One thing that intrigues me is that despite the jacket is named as heavy puffer jacket, it is actually lighter than most down jackets. Naming error? I don’t know.

Also being a person who likes things with multipurpose, I absolutely love the fact that I can wear the Gerry True Grit Heavy Down Puffer Jacket in all types of weather.

Just add or remove the layers and you’re good to go.

The Gerry True Grit Heavy Down Puffer Jacket is non-hooded and features a standing collar. You can pull up the zip up till the end to keep your neck warm.

At the same time it’ll also ensure that the insulation is not disturbed but the cold air entering from outside.

I know there are a lot of other features that you wish it had, but given the price range it’s the best deal I’d say.

To make it all better let me just add that the Gerry True Grit Heavy Down Puffer Jacket is machine washable. So you won’t have to give extra attention to cleaning and maintain it.




9. Hawke & Co. Packable Down Puffer Jacket

Features we liked:

  • 100% nylon shell
  • Two front zipper pockets
  • Machine washable
  • Packable into its own pocket
  • 380T 100% nylon lining
Hawke & Co. Packable Down Puffer Jacket
More photos & price on Amazon


Are you looking for a down jacket that’ll fit both your need and your pocket too? Well in that case you need to look no further.

The Hawke & Co. Packable Down Puffer Jacket is the perfect deal that you can possibly get at such reasonable rates.

Not only price, the features of Hawke & Co. Packable Down Puffer Jacket are also equally attractive.

To start off, the outer shell is made up of 100% nylon making it strong enough to last you considerable adventures. Also you wouldn’t need to be super cautious around every sharp end or the claws of your dog.

In addition to that it features 380T 100% nylon lining, which adds a bonus to the overall life of the jacket.

The Hawke & Co. Packable Down Puffer Jacket fits well, looks nice and is extremely functional when it comes down to performance.

Similarly the bottom of Hawke & Co. Packable Down Puffer Jacket comprises an elastic fit, which will help you lock the insulation inside the jacket. Likewise the wrist cuffs are also clad with similar elastics for the same purpose.

The Hawke & Co. Packable Down Puffer Jacket weighs around one pound and will keep you surprisingly warm throughout its life.

The down of the Hawke & Co. Packable Down Puffer Jacket is made up of 550 fill power duck down, making its puffy and very warm at the same time. They also feature two front zipper pockets to keep your hands warm and store your gear.

I personally liked Hawke & Co. Packable Down Puffer Jacket because it could be easily packed into its own pocket.

Given the puffy look it was quite amazing how it compressed so easily into such small shape. So when packed it won’t be occupying much space on your luggage.

Well to add in the list of benefits, I say that caring for Hawke & Co. Packable Down Puffer Jacket is very easy too.

You can just wash it in cold water with a gentle detergent, and then you can machine dry it on low to no heat with two or three clean tennis balls to restore the fluff. The drying can take a few cycles; however remember to take it out every 10-15 minutes to shake so feathers don’t stick to each other.

And voila!

So you feel like Hawke & Co. Packable Down Puffer Jacket is the one you’re looking for?



10. ZSHOW Winter Hooded Packable Down Jacket

Features we liked:

  • High quality shell and lining
  • Warm and durable
  • Four pockets: two inside, two outside
  • Light-weight and packable
  • Classic style
  • Elastic cuffs
ZSHOW Winter Hooded Packable Down Jacket
More photos & price on Amazon


Are you looking for a down jacket that comprises the modern features but is very classy in look, which will probably take you back in time? Well, the answer is right in front of you.

The ZSHOW Winter Hooded Packable Down Jacket introduced by Z-SHOW is an amazing down jacket with a classic style.

Well you can pump up the style even higher as with ZSHOW Winter Hooded Packable Down Jacket, we have a variety of colors to choose from.

Similarly, the ZSHOW Winter Hooded Packable Down Jacket’s shell is made up of 100% nylon, which indicates the high quality of the material. Not only this, even the lining is made up of 100% nylon.

I really liked the fact that the down of ZSHOW Winter Hooded Packable Down Jacket was 90% white duck down and 10% feather. This perfect combination provides the perfect insulation one would need.

Since it is a hooded jacket, the insulation coverage of the jacket is extended up to the top of your head. It’ll keep out the cold from freezing your ears and forehead. Thank god!

The ZSHOW Winter Hooded Packable Down Jacket features four pockets in total.

The two are deep internal pockets where you can store small items like keys and phone. The other two pockets are zippered external pockets whose main job is to keep your hands warm and secure the stuffs inside the pocket from falling.

Similarly the ZSHOW Winter Hooded Packable Down Jacket is a relaxed fitting hooded jacket with skin-friendly fabric. It will retain heat, provide you windproof protection and allow comfortability.

Despite the reasonable price, the ZSHOW Winter Hooded Packable Down Jacket is very light-weight and packable, which makes it ideal for backpacking and travelling across the country.

The travelling becomes more easier with the packable pouch that comes with the ZSHOW Winter Hooded Packable Down Jacket. You can stuff your jacket into it when not in use and then it’ll occupy the least space in your luggage.

Similarly the elasticated cuffs in the ZSHOW Winter Hooded Packable Down Jacket means you are kept warm and secure.

However the downside of ZSHOW Winter Hooded Packable Down Jacket is that it requires extra care while cleaning. ZSHOW has actually taken the liberty of explaining how it should be cleaned.

The procedure is included in the product description. Make sure to read it.

So given the wonderful set of features, the price is quite fair. If you think so too then go grab that one for you.



Why are Down Jackets Necessary?

First off, there’s no question as why you need a down jacket. You need one.

There are many people who are utterly afraid of travelling in winter and some are afraid of winter even when they’re inside home.

Well they’re afraid because they’re unaware of the fact that Down Jackets exist to fight off the cold for them and keep them warm all the while having fun and creating memories.

Even for people who love winter, like me, sometimes it gets too cold to enjoy it. So with carefully picked gears, winter too can be fun and can involve a lot of outdoor activities.

The cornerstone of all these winter activities is a perfectly packable down jacket, that’ll pull you through the cold times.

Not only in winters, the downs can be your perfect companion for backpacking trips and hiking adventures.

They are light, weather resistant, easily compressible and highly trust worthy. With a down in your backpack you won’t have to worry that you’re jacket might give up mid you leaving you exposed to the external elements.

Still wondering if you need a down jacket? Well don’t because you know you need one.

However if you’re confused as to which might be your perfect one then go through my review below and you’ll find what you want,

How to Choose a Down Jacket for Men?

Now that you have a wide array of down jackets to choose from, you might want to consider the following features before picking one.

Each feature might feed a unique need, so based on what you’re seeking in your down jacket you can pick the one that fits your preference perfectly.

Some of those features are:


When it comes to the construction of Down Jackets they are either sewn through or are boxed baffles.

In sewn through construction, the outer material is stitched directly into the inner lining, separating the down in different baffles.

The specialty of this method is that it uses less fabric and is lighter than the box baffle construction. Not only that, down jackets with sewn through construction come to you at a cheaper rate.

In addition, the sewn through baffles prevents the migration of the down.

However,  the demerit of sewn through construction is that it is less warmer than box baffles because the down is pinched at the seams and thus loft is reduced to zero at each point of baffle stitching.

Similarly the box baffle construction is the best method for optimizing the loft and warmth of the fill.

Under this construction, each separate baffle is its own three-dimensional cube or rectangle, which means there’s much less pinching of the down.

So with box baffle construction you can get maximize the loft of the down and minimize the cold spots, which obviously means thicker, warmer and more uniformly puffy down jacket.

However on the darker side, down jackets with box baffles are sometimes more heavier and more expensive.

Well if you can’t decide which construction suits you then you can also find some down jackets with the combination of both. The chest and back have box baffles and arms have sewn-through baffles.


When it comes to the final judgement, quality is all that actually matters and the quality of a Down Jacket comes from the materials used in it.

The main fabrics and the materials used inside affects the durability, weight, warmth and water resistance of the jacket as a whole.

So might already know that different fabrics have different durability. You might’ve experienced that thinner and lighter materials are usually more vulnerable to abrasion and snagging.

However now in market you can find many super-light shell fabrics who allow amazing warmth-to-weight ratio to the down jackets.

So while looking out for the shell fabrics you need to be careful about quite a few things.

First, note the fabric’s material and then compare its weight relative to other similar jackets.

Second, check the breathability of the fabric because if it can’t breathe then it’ll lose its loft and hence the warmth.

Third, check how tight is the weaving because tighter weave will provide you more water resistance.

Water Resistance:

Down Jackets are best known for their outstanding insulation. But when wet, they completely lose their loft and you can just forget about the warmth altogether.

Wearing a down jacket in rainy season is just bad idea.

But while wearing it in other seasons too, you might want to consider down jackets with some of water resistance.

Most of the down jackets today come with DWR (Double Water Resistant) coating, which will provide some level of water resistance.

The DWR coating will keep the face fabric dry and will help your jacket breathe better, but the coatings vary in quality and durability.

So before getting your Down Jacket first access the durability of the DWR coating.


With the huge array of choices available, you can really scrutinize your choices.

You can look for the zipper that you like the most, location of the pockets or even color of the jacket. You can literally look into every feature and then pick the one that takes your heart away.

Well, also consider which one best fulfils your needs.

While we’re into it, let’s also talk about the style. It’s not everything but it isn’t a bad thing either. As long as it fulfils the purpose you can also see how good it suits you.


Hoods are basically there to keep you warmer. It will also ensure that the cold air won’t breach from the collar.

It might be just stating the fact, but I really like the hoods for their contribution towards warming my ears. I honestly can’t bear cold ears.

There are still many down jackets in the market made without a hood for a few lesser dollars. But if you really are looking for an all-rounder down jacket then consider a hooded one.

However, if you are intending to use the jacket as a mid-layer then non-hooded one might be more comfortable.

Also while buying a hooded jacket, consider the fact that all hoods aren’t same. Some are supposed to worn outside the helmet and are bigger while others might be slimmer.

Down Fill Power:

It is actually the measure of loft or the fluffiness of the down and its insulating properties. So basically, higher fill power suggests more air pockets and more insulation for the given weight of the jacket.

In most of the cases fill power is also the indication of quality of the Down Jacket. Better the quality of Down, higher the fill power.

Generally, the fill power ranges from 400-900.

But it is also a fact that you shouldn’t necessarily go for the highest fill power Down as they’ll be more expensive too.

So based on how much insulation you can you can make a trade-off between the fill power and the price you pay.

Stuffable or Clip-able:

As I discussed in the introduction, one great feature of down jacket is its compressibility. When not in use they can be folded and stuffed into a small stuff sack or into their own pocket.

This will make your backpack lighter and smaller too.

However, you will also find variety in this feature. Yes, you can either stuff it into a stuff sack or you can fold it into chest or hand pocket and clip it with a carabineer loop.

So if you’re into climbing then clip-able Downs can be more beneficial as you can attach your stuffed jacket onto your harness more easily. In addition you also won’t have to worry about losing it.

General Fitting:

While getting your Down Jacket make sure that it’s neither too loose nor too tight.

You should leave enough room for extra layers of clothing in case it gets too cold. While on the other hand it shouldn’t be too roomy as cold air might get inside easily.

Similarly down jackets are normally more bulky than the regular waterproof jackets or the wool coats. Considering this fact remember to leave a bit of room to allow yourself to move around.


The choice of your down jacket is also heavily influenced by the intended use of it.

By accessing where you’ll be wearing your jacket you can access the features that you seek in your jacket, which will protect you from harsh weather.

It will also help you build a list sort of regarding what your priorities are and what are not.

So where do you intend to go with your down jacket? Mountaineering expeditions? Skiing? Rock climbing? Just around the down?

Analyse your need and set your priorities first and based on those priorities select your perfect down jacket.

The Best Pick

Whether you love outdoor activities, or you’re looking for something that can protect you from the elements during the winter or you’re looking for a packable jacket for your next travel adventure, it’s important to get the right choice from the start.

Otherwise what’s the point in regretting?

Now that you’ve gone through what should be your priorities and what choices are available, its time to pick one.

I personally liked the Rab Neutrino Endurance Jacket. It pretty much had everything that I was hoping to find in my down jacket.

It is dependable because of the pertex endurance shell and hydrophobic down. It is flexible with the three-way adjustable hood. It had a more warmth-to-weight ratio. It has a longer hem. It is wind proof and water resistant.

And this is pretty much what I want from my down jacket.

However it’s your decision now, make a wise one.

Happy shopping!

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