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5 Best Climbing Backpacks

If you are a professional climber or an armature, you should know about the basic need of a backpack, that is to be comfortable. And, when you are a looking for a backpack for climbing you must be well aware how the need of being comfortable is amplified.

Best Climbing Backpacks – Quick Pick

If you’re in a hurry, here are our two favorite climbing backpacks in this review.

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The best climbing backpacks are specially designed for making climbers adventure a bit easier. These are compact and easy to use and mostly cut off on the excess attachment. This makes it lighter and easier to carry.

The best climbing backpacks come in several sizes and capacities as per the duration of your trip. Depending on the time duration, you need to prepare your pack and everything you intend to carry. Or need to carry.

Climbing can be more fun and adventurous when you know what to take with you rather than taking what you want to.

So, happy packing

The 5 Best Climbing Backpacks in 2019

Best Climbing BackpacksEditor's RatingPrice
Mountain Hardwear Scrambler
(Editor's Pick)
Arcteryx Alpha FL 30 Pack
(Top Pick)
Black Diamond Creek
(Top Pick)
Black Diamond Bullet
Patagonia Cragsmith

5 Best Climbing Backpacks Review in 2019

Let me usher you through the 5 best climbing backpacks that I came across while I was preparing for my own trip.

1. Mountain Hardwear Scrambler

Mountain Hardwear Scrambler
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With a waterproof main compartment, the Mountain Hardwear Scrambler 30L Backpack is one of my favorite climbing backpacks. It is comfortable and lightweight weighing only 1lb and 11oz. The weight is distributed evenly in the bag making it easy to carry.

I love the waterproof fabric that gives you the certainty that your belongings are going to remain safe and dry.

The outdry technology creates a waterproof and breathable membrane directly on the shell fabric, this does not allow water to be loaded between the waterproof liner and the shell fabric.

Two deep pockets for your gear on the sides of the bag is very handy.

Loops for ice axes or trekking poles as well as the side compression straps are an efficient way of making your task a lot easier.

You can adjust the sternum straps for better stability and the padded shoulder straps give you that bit of nudge when it comes to comfort. These keep your shoulder safe as well as your back ventilated.

Rope strap under the pocket and the stowable webbing belt adds the stability and utility of the bag.

The grab handles have been reinforced for better hauling whenever needed.

Overall, it is a complete climbing backpack and with a pretty neat design.

Features I Like:

  • Comfortable and lightweight
  • Waterproof inner compartment
  • Loops for ice axe or trekking poles
  • Two deep pockets
  • Side compression straps
  • Adjustable sternum straps
  • Padded shoulder straps
  • Stowable webbing belts
  • Grab handles
  • Great design


2. Arcteryx Alpha FL 30 Pack

Arcteryx Alpha FL 30 Pack
More photos & price on Amazon

Super light and super compact is what I have to say about the Arcteryx Alpha climbing backpack. It boasts a minimalist design yet allows the user to be fully functional with it. It is highly weather resistant due to its advanced composite construction fabric.

The seams are sealed and the main compartment provides ultimate protection against weather conditions. Be it rain or snow, you are going to survive, so will your bag. Take my word.

It’s a highly durable fabric.

Roll top extension collar makes sure that the main compartment stays waterproof and all your belonging are safe and secure.

I also can’t stop talking about the color options available.

The draw cord opening makes it easier for a quick access into the bag.

You can move freely and stay light with the minimum amount of equipment that you carry along with you. The lack of all those excess pockets makes your trips easier.

Even if you fill up the bag, it is still comfortable on your shoulders and your back. The waist belts are simple and the chest straps are adjustable.

It is a comfortable pack.

Climbing with this pack does not affect your balance nor interferes with your harness.

Features I Like:

  • Compact and super light
  • Minimalistic design
  • Weather resistant
  • Waterproof main compartment
  • Top roll closure
  • Attractive design and colors
  • Drawstring opening
  • Lack of extra pockets and excess weight
  • The top roll down closure allows you to give that needed extra space


3. Black Diamond Creek

Black Diamond Creek
More photos & price on Amazon

With a top loading quality, the Creek by Black Diamond is another climbing backpack you should not miss to see. It is made of waterproof fabric and will keep your equipment and your belongings safe and dry.

Drawcord closure and the full-length side zippers make accessing into the bag a lot easier and faster.

And because it is a top load bag, you can simply dunk in all your stuff and yet not worry about getting your things out. The front zippers make it all easy.

The thermoformed back panel is designed to keep your body safe and comfortable.

And the shoulder straps are padded and the hip belts can be removed or tucked as you like it. For better comfort, the hip belts are padded too.

It is a durable bag that looks just as attractive and stylish.

You can also use it as a day bag that you would carry around town. Why not?

The top has a strap that is great for keeping your helmet or rope in place, these can be stowed away in case you don’t need it.

Internal zippers and the front flap not just makes the bag look nice but also keeps your things organized and handy.

The haul bag styled bottom makes it easy for the bag to remain upright.

Features I Like:

  • waterproof fabric
  • Drawcord closure and the full-length side zippers
  • thermoformed back panel
  • Padded shoulder straps
  • Padded and removable waist belts
  • Attractive and stylish
  • Top compression straps for helmet or ropes
  • Internal zippers and front flap for better organization
  • Haul bag styled bottom


4. Black Diamond Bullet

Black Diamond Bullet
More photos & price on Amazon

The Black Diamond Bullet is a small and compact backpack for climbing. It is a 16-liter backpack that is slim and trim. It is an excellent choice that will increase your efficiency. You are already carrying less, it is less likely to bug you.

It has an external zip pocket just in case you need to separate your personal belongings from your gear.

Or just space where you can stack in your basic necessities.

The chest and waist straps are easy to use and keep your bag in place. The hip belt can be removed as per your need and comfort.

And what more, you can also tuck away the shoulder straps in case you want to use the bag as a duffle bag.

Why not? It is just as attractive and easy to use.

The back panel comes with a foam that can be removed in case you are more comfortable without it.

Internal mesh pockets are great to keep your personal and valuable items that you can’t afford to misplace.

You also have a hydration hose port that allows you to connect to a hydration pack. It is extremely useful to have a hydration pack.

Features I Like:

  • small and compact backpack
  • an external zip pocket
  • Stowable shoulder straps
  • Removable waist straps
  • Attractive to use as a city bag
  • Internal mesh pocket for your valuables
  • Hydration hose port
  • Removable back panel foam


5. Patagonia Cragsmith

Patagonia Cragsmith
More photos & price on Amazon

The Patagonia Cragsmith is a 35 liters versatile backpack for climbing with a top or a back panel. It is made up of Cordura® Ballistic nylon that is puncture and abrasion resistant, you can take it in any kind of climate you wish.

Super durable 630-denier nylon fabric that is treated with a DWR finish protects the rope and gear from spitting.

Durable water resistant fabric keeps it from being saturated.

U-shaped lid makes accessing into the main compartment easily.

It is easy to open and also gives you full access to the main compartment where you can everything.

The shoulder straps are highly breathable and made of mesh. It keeps you ventilated and comfortable. The sternum straps are also adjustable which makes it easy to adjust to the person carrying it.

Internal stash pocket and the haul handles are a thoughtful attachment. These come handy now and then.

The micro daisy chain on the sides of the bag allows you several lash points so that you can hang in carabiners for further extension.

Compression straps on the top of the bag hold rope or helmet or anything that overstuffs the bag.

Features I Like:

  • Top load backpack
  • Back panel access to the main compartment
  • Super durable fabric
  • Water resistant
  • U-shaped opening for easy access
  • Highly breathable shoulder straps
  • Internal stash pockets and haul handles
  • Micro daisy chains
  • Compression strap on the top for further attachments


Comparison Table

Climbing BackpackWeight (pounds)Capacity (liters)Fabric
Mountain Hardwear Scrambler1.630400D HD Nylon and Hardwear Tarp (100% Polyester)
Arcteryx Alpha FL 30 Pack1.4130polyester synthetic
Black Diamond Creek3.15501200d polyester with TPU coating
Black Diamond Bullet1 lb 2 oz16420d nylon, 1260d ballistic nylon
Patagonia Cragsmith2.235630D nylon

Why are Backpacks for Climbing Necessary?

If you are into climbing you will definitely know the importance of a good climbing backpack. Well if you are an armature let me tell you why you need one. A backpack for climbing is not only lightweight and compact, it has enough space for your gear, your harness, ropes, carabiners, hydration or even a snack. These backpacks are made in a way that they do not make you feel the weight. These are mostly waterproof and weatherproof, bottom line, these ae made to face all kinds of terrain and climate.

How to Choose the Best Backpack for Climbing?

Let me share with you some of the things I learned while I was looking to get the best backpack for climbing, honestly, I was lucky on my first try because I researched a lot before getting one.


These backpacks are meant to last and face a lot of abuse. The material that makes the backpack should be durable as well as light. To add on, if it is waterproof too it is just awesome. So, look for the material that is durable and will take all the pressure and weight and abuse.

Durability and Support

Most climbing backpacks are made to face the harshest terrain and weather. This may be a great reason to look for a climbing backpack that is strong and durable. Look for the fabric that is made to last.

Also since you will be carrying this bag throughout your adventure, look for bags that give you great support and keeps you comfortable.

Capacity and Weight:

Depending on the duration of your trip you can choose a backpack to suit your need. Usually, a 40liter backpack is preferred, these can hold your climbing gears and some clothing too. But depending on the place and type of climbing you are into you can choose one. Do not be carried away by a number of things that you may choose to carry with you, it will all fall on you back later. If you choose a bigger bag you might be tempted to fill up space so it is wise to choose a bag that is just appropriate.

The Best Pick.

The Mountain Hardwear Scrambler 30L Backpack has to win the spot for my best pick. It is not just the exact size that would grab but is attractive to look at as well.

Comfortable and lightweight it adds on to its pleasing features why I like it so much.

It is waterproof and it keeps all my belonging in the main compartment dry and safe.

Extra loops and two deep pockets allow me to use it just in case I may need it. No, I wouldn’t fill it all up before my big adventure but, as may use it, just in case.

The adjustable sternum straps and padded shoulder straps are comfortable and hug you well.

I loved it when I could just stow away the belt when I thought I wouldn’t need it. It was away and out of the way.

I had a great time with it.

It made my climbing a lot efficient.

Happy climbing!

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