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10 Best Bivy Sacks

Sleeping in the open with nature is the best feeling in the world. I still remember those lovely morning sun rays entering my sack through the open net and waking me up. Those were the best moment. I owe this to bivy sack big time.

Best Bivy Sacks for Hiking – Quick Pick

If you’re in a hurry, here are our two favorite bivy sacks for hiking in this review.

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You can take your bivy sack for outdoor adventures, camping, hiking and into the wild and have a great time with your family, friends, and relatives.

Bivy sacks must have been designed to bring happiness into our lives. I cannot stop loving them. You will be happy to read about the best bivy sacks in the market. It is definitely worth your time and investment.

The 10 Best Bivy Sacks in 2019

Best Bivy SacksEditor's RatingPrice
Winterial Single Person Tent, Personal Bivy Tent
(Editor's Pick)
Aqua Quest Hooped Bivy Tent
(Top Pick)
Aqua Quest Mummy Bivy Sack
(Top Pick)
Outdoor Research Helium Bivy
Black Diamond Bipod Bivy
Outdoor Research Alpine Bivy
Outdoor Research Advanced Bivy
Chinook Summit Bivy Bag
Snugpak 92860 Stratosphere One Person Bivvi Shelter
Sierra Designs Navassa Bivy

10 Best Bivy Sacks Review in 2019

Here I have reviewed 10 best bivy sacks that are among my favorites and I would be more than happy to recommend it to a friend.

1. Winterial Single Person Tent, Personal Bivy Tent

Winterial Single Person Tent, Personal Bivy Tent
More photos & price on Amazon

One of the finest ways of an adventurous camp is with the Winterial single person personal bivy tent. And setting it up is no fuss at all. Well, if you are a skeptic, an instruction paper will come along with the product.

Its that easy, even I didn’t need the instruction.

After a whole day of adventure when you finally rest in it, you will feel blissful and relaxed. It is user-friendly. You will be able to enjoy that outdoor life in the wild to its fullest.

Stars lit sky and loved people around you with this gear. What more do you want? During rainy season its pre-sealed and durable reinforced rain fly will keep you dry and cozy.

If you are confused whether to take it with you or not then just so you know that it is very lightweight. You can simply pack it and carry it wherever you go without any exhaustion.

The material that is used to make this fine product are of high quality. This is the reason why it is durable and reliable. The design is modern and eco-friendly.

The lifespan of these bivy sacks is longer than you can imagine. It will be there with you for many of your outdoor adventures.

Enjoy your heart.

Features I like:

  • Open-air netting to pass that cool breeze into the tent
  • Rainfly to keep the user dry from rain
  • Easy to set up
  • Have long lifespan
  • Durable and reliable
  • Eco-friendly


2. Aqua Quest Hooped Bivy Tent

Aqua Quest Hooped Bivy Tent
More photos & price on Amazon

To all the modern adventurer who hates traditional sleeping bags, this is the gear you should have. Aqua quest hooped bivy tent is today’s popular choice. If you are that solo sleeper who doesn’t want to share their bed then this is your fix.

First things first, these are super easy to setup. You can do that in the matter of few minutes. The inside is just as cozy and comfortable. You can treat yourself well sleeping inside it.

You don’t need to worry about the lack of air. This tent having breathable feature will provide you with enough oxygen when you go to sleep.

No matter how hard or harsh the ground is this will provide you with soft and comfortable sleep. All thanks to heavy duty stakes which won’t bend. It will help you to have a sound sleep.

Another great thing about this is that it is totally waterproof. You can enjoy camping/hiking despite the rainy weather.

On a clear sky night, you can even fold back the top section and enjoy the star sky. It just keeps getting better.

When the morning sun shines upon you, you can start your adventure right away. Packing can be done in no time at all.

Take it with you and create some beautiful memories.

Features I like:

  • Comfortable to lay/cuddle and sleep
  • Breathable allowing enough air
  • Quick setup and pack up
  • Waterproof
  • Cosy


3. Aqua Quest Mummy Bivy Sack

Aqua Quest Mummy Bivy Sack
More photos & price on Amazon

Aqua Quest Mummy Bivy Sack is one of its kind. The material is something to look into. These are made with fine quality and also adds in as a survival kit, as it protects you from any harsh weather condition.

It is small in size so you don’t have to worry about carrying it.

You simply can get inside it right away without having any problem of setting it up. Any amateur can set it up easily in their first use. It is designed so well that you will fall in love with all the features it has to offer you.

It doesn’t occupy much space so you can set it up freely anywhere you like. In the middle of the adventure, if you feel like taking a quick nap, here is your deal. It is easy to setup and easy to tuck away will save your time and day.

It allows you to enjoy its fullest function. The inside is pretty spacious and wide. You can move around in your sleep.

On the other hand, it is with no doubt totally waterproof and breathable. There is no other good way of having a memorable adventure without these.

Features I like:

  • Provides you protection
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Easy to setup and easy to tuck away
  • Extra wide inside for comfortness
  • Waterproof/breathable


4. Outdoor Research Helium Bivy

Outdoor Research Helium Bivy
More photos & price on Amazon

Once a while you do need to get in the wild to be rejuvenated. Be it your vacations or camping or hiking with your family, friends. Outdoor Research Helium Bivy will help you make all those vacation plans a full success.

These are best suited for the outdoor. It replaces the old tradition sleeping bags.

This bivy sack provides you with varieties of function and feature.

Personally, I love to travel and explore the wildlife to its utmost. But when it comes to carrying I am way too lazy. The case is different with a bivy sack. I don’t feel lazy because it is way more lightweight than you can imagine.

Likewise, the quality of the product is beyond ok. You simply cannot resist it’s fine and charming design.

You may ask if it is comfortable with harsh terrain or not. There is nothing to worry about. It’s an anti-fungal coating on the floor will keep you comfortable in any types of terrain.

In addition to that this bivy sack is totally waterproof and breathable.

You can play around on the inside of it. It is more spacious.

Get yourself one and embrace the wilderness.

Features I like:

  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Waterproof to keep away the rainwater
  • Breathable allowing sufficient air in
  • Anti-fungal coating to make it comfortable
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5. Black Diamond Bipod Bivy

Black Diamond Bipod Bivy
More photos & price on Amazon

One of the major problems of an adventure enthusiast is to face bug and creepy insect in the wild. Black diamond bipod bivy sack. It has that large panel mesh that keeps bug away. You can have that safe sleep that you look forward to after a long day’s trip, without any worry.

The other function of the panel mesh is ventilation. There is adequate air circulation providing you enough oxygen.

Everybody loves to have that peaceful time with nature. There is no better way than to carry black diamond bipod bivy sack and blend with the mother nature. It takes good care of you. You don’t have to be expert to setup this bivy sack. It just takes a matter of minute for the setup.

It has that large zippered entry which allows you to enter.

You can allow your dog in it and play with it too.

It is like a portable bed that you can carry with you and sleep whenever, wherever you feel like. No matter where you sleep you will have that comforting sleep.

It is appealing in design and is cool too. Every small detail is kept in mind in the making of this sack.The product is waterproof without a doubt.

There is nothing to worry about. Enjoy your sleep outdoor.

Features I like:

  • Large panel mesh to keep away bugs
  • Waterproof/breathable
  • Comfortable
  • Safe 


6. Outdoor Research Alpine Bivy

Outdoor Research Alpine Bivy
More photos & price on Amazon

Outdoor research alpine bivy sack is one the most spacious sack in the market. It allows you to fill your sack with a lot of items inside. You can store extra bags that you carry for a long adventure.

If you still feel like having more space there is always an option. The second pole can be used for more space.

Your small family or small group of a best friend can enjoy there.

On the safety matter, it is totally reliable. The material used in the making is of good quality. Small internal mesh pocket will help you store knife or any defensive object.

The covering is removable. You can either cover or leave it open to enjoy the night sky. Sleeping pad straps are inbuilt in it to make your sleep as comforting as it can get. You can have that good night sleep that you always wanted.

The sack is well waterproof and ventilated. Another good thing about this is you can enjoy all those things at a reasonable price. You can choose the color and size you want.

More than that it provides a wide range of features such as durable hydro seal coated floor, fully taped seams and so on.

Life will smile at you if you take this bivy sack on your journey out.

Features I like:

  • durable hydro seal coated floor
  • Fully taped seams
  • Comfortable
  • Ventilated
  • Dual pole system


7. Outdoor Research Advanced Bivy

Outdoor Research Advanced Bivy
More photos & price on Amazon

I love anything in nature. I often take my outdoor research advanced bivy sack and head out to enjoy nature.

This is the best one you can have. Believe me, you will definitely love it. It is made with 100% nylon. The quality of the product is praiseworthy.

With its modern design and appearance, is becoming the favorite of many. Its dual delrin pole system is another one of the good features. You can make it spacious as per your need.

You don’t have to think or waste time in setting it up. It can be done in an instant. Sleeping pad straps provide you with good quality sleep.

On the other hand, the sack is well designed to resist the inlet of bugs and insect. Personally, I love rainy season. This sack allows me to make my rainy adventure successful and it is totally waterproof.

High volume foot section with the zippered vent is another good thing about it.

There is no end to the good side of it.

Features I like:

  • 100% nylon
  • Waterproof
  • Sleeping pad straps
  • High volume foot section with zippered vent
  • Comfortable


8. Chinook Summit Bivy Bag

Chinook Summit Bivy Bag
More photos & price on Amazon

In sense of advanced bivy sack than the rest of other, this is the one. Chinook summit bivy bag has more new and additional features. It uses DAC Featherlite aluminum poles to create a self-supporting canopy around the facial area.

It enhances the breathability allowing optimum oxygen into the body.

If you are one of them who like to use updated version of new things then you should definitely try this.

It will make your wildness trip even more wild and fun. As any other bivy sack, this one is also super easy to setup.

At the end of the day when you feel all tired and exhausted, find a  small suitable area. Set it up in no time and you are all done. The Large zippered entry provides you way in it. The inside is big and spacious.

This bivy sack has a facial ventilation system that helps in air circulation. If you have one of these then you will be in safe hand. Adding to that it includes a stuff sack where you can store your important belongings.

No wonder this bivy sack is leading the market.

There are absolutely no worries in its waterproof features. It is so lightweight that your kid will love carrying it.

You need to have one of this, seriously!

Features I like:

  • DAC Featherlite aluminum poles
  • Includes a stuff sack
  • Facial ventilation system
  • Comfortable
  • Breathable/Waterproof
  • Lightweight


9. Snugpak 92860 Stratosphere One Person Bivvi Shelter

Snugpak 92860 Stratosphere One Person Bivvi Shelter
More photos & price on Amazon

It is made for your convenience. So there is no any sort of hardship. It may be small in size but it is well supplied with every feature in it.

One person snugpak 92860 stratospheres bivvy shelter is much more preferable.

It includes lightweight aluminum poles to create a self-supporting canopy. This helps in breathability.

It is just perfect for lightweight carrying. With less energy, you can carry it around and take full advantage of it.

At times it may be a life-saving tool for you.

Fully zipped with roll away mosquito net will safeguard you from that disease causing bites. This bivy sack is handy and much more reliable. It comes at a reasonable price.

You can enjoy every bite of your adventure without any tension.

Looking to the bright side it saves your money too. You don’t have to reserve rooms in the hotel. With this bivy sack on your side, you can make any place your sleeping bed. It occupies less space as it is small in size.

You can start sleeping in it right away. The setup is that fast. Having said that after wise the backing is easy and super quick too.

Features I like:

  • lightweight aluminum poles
  • Fully zipped with roll away mosquito net
  • Money saving
  • Lightweight


10. Sierra Designs Navassa Bivy

Sierra Designs Navassa Bivy
More photos & price on Amazon

With technology shopping sure has been made easy. Now with just a click of your finger, you can order your product right at your doorstep. If you are solo traveler then you need to place an order for Sierra designs navassa bivy sack.

This bivy sack will accompany you and support you in your journey.

It has a heavy 70D nylon floor. You will feel more relax sleeping in it than your bed. This is so much calming and soothing.

The designing of this bivy sack is cautiously done.

Even if all the features are included it is still lightweight. Everything is made wisely to make your outdoor memories good and worth remembering. I haven’t started talking about its waterproof qualities and it has already sounded so appealing.

It is the future of the bivy sacks. Other sack will come and go but this one is there to stay.

It includes that large mesh window which helps in ventilation.

Like any other sack, it is easy to setup and easy to back up. There is more to it.

This bivy sack is completely reliable and durable.  It will be there with you for many years to come.

Happy traveling.

Features I like:

  • a heavy 70D nylon floor
  • Lightweight
  • Large mesh window
  • Well ventilated
  • Waterproof
  • Breathable


Comparison Table of Best Bivy Sacks

Men's Waterproof Hiking PantsMaterialWaist
Arc'teryx Beta AR Pant - Men'sGore-TexSemi Elastic
Outdoor Research Men's Foray Pants100% polyester, Gore-TexFull elastic
Gill Coast Trousers Graphite IN12T2 Dot™ fabricHalf elastic with stretch braces
Columbia Outdry Ex Gold Pant - SS17100% nylonSemi elastic
Outdoor Research Men's Foray Pant100% polyester 50D, Gore-Tex fabricFull elastic waist with draw cord
Helly Hansen Men's Legend Cargo Ski Winter Pant100% Polyester, 2ply fabricSimple
Marmot PreCip Pant: Shell – Men's100% Nylon PreCip®Full elastic
Marmot PreCip Full Zip Pant Men's, Small Long BlackNanoProElastic Waist with Draw Cord
Yoyo Men's Softshell Waterproof Windproof pantsPolyesterSimple
Mountain Warehouse Pakka Men's 100% Rain Over Pants for all agesIsodry fabricFull elastic

Why are Bivy Sacks necessary?

It is to all the adventurer out there and everyone who loves the wilderness more than a home life. They know the importance of bivy sacks than any other.

I have a deeper connection with my bivy sack that I carry everywhere I go. It has helped me through many harsh circumstances.

I just simply cannot ignore their importance in my life.

I could go on and on about it. Making it simple, these are well-designed sack with zipped entry, panel mesh for keeping bugs away, waterproof, breathable, easy to setup, easy to pack up, the floor is made comfortable out of nylon substance, lightweight and perfect in every way possible.

So yes these are necessary if you are looking to enjoying the nature and still want to enjoy a bit of that privilege.

How to choose the Best Bivy Sacks?

Buying your first bivy sack or looking for the replacement to old ones? Here are some of the things you need to consider.


It is all about comfort, isn’t it? And why would it be? Afterall at the end of the day when you rest back in your bivy sack, you will look for that comfort so that you forget all that you put through.

So, the bivy sack you are about to buy should be comfortable, flexible and spacious.


If your bivy sack is heavy then your adventure will be double loaded. Important energy is a waste in carrying that load. This is a serious problem.

That is why to avoid this problem in the first place you need be careful to choose the lightweight bivy sack. I carry it wherever I go without any problem at all.

You can save that energy to climb another hill or walk another mile. Be light be happy!


You might not wake up fresh or might have trouble sleeping at all if your bivy sack is not well ventilated. That is not something you would want, right?

If the bivy sack doesn’t have well ventilation then you are definitely missing out on it.

So, you need to get a sack that is well ventilated or not.

The Best Pick

For me, I adore every bivy sack and its kind. I love adventure as much as I love the idea of a bivy sack. It allows you to get in touch with nature.

The Winterial Single Person Tent, Personal Bivy Tent has to be my favorite if I had to choose one that I would love to recommend to a friend.

This is by far the best one you can get your hands on.

It’s Open-air netting to pass that cool breeze into the tent, rain-fly to keep the user dry from rain, easy to set up and pack up, comfortable, features make it more irresistible.

And it is lightweight and easy to carry too.

What a grab.

5/5 - (1 vote)

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