Best Backpacking Sleeping Bags
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10 Best Backpacking Sleeping Bags

Different sleeping bags serve various purposes. So after you decide what you require a sleeping bag for, choosing the best backpacking sleeping bag may be tricky.

Best Backpacking Sleeping Bags – Quick Pick

If you’re in a hurry, here are our two favorite backpacking sleeping bags in this review.

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Your requirement has to determine the type of sleeping bag you choose. Also, your sleeping bag has to be light enough for you to carry around without bringing excess weight.

Sleeping bags can either make or break a good night’s sleep. The best ones ensure that you get proper rest even outside the comfort of your own home.

So spare a few minutes for me to make it easy for you.

The primary purpose of the sleeping bag is to provide warmth and thermal insulations. But that’s not simply just enough. If you are looking for a sleeping bag for your camping trips, then portability is the factor that plays the principal role.

So here’s a list of the best backpacking sleeping bags will give you all the comfort required to feel well rested without making it a chore to carry it around.

10 Best Backpacking Sleeping Bags in 2019

Best Backpacking Sleeping BagsWeightDimensionsPrice
Outdoor Vitals- Down 0 Degree Down Sleeping Bag
(Editor's Pick)
2 lb 12oz75×31 inches
Grizzly by Black Pine 2 Person Sleeping Bag
(Top Pick)
15.3 lbs90×65×4inches
Sierra Designs DriDown Backcountry Sleeping Bag
(Top Pick)
3.45 lbs3×58×68inches
Abco Tech Sleeping Bag4.32 lbs8×7×13inches
Coleman North Rim Extreme Weather Sleeping Bag6.4 lbs12×12.35×17.1inches
Kelty Tuck 22 Degree Sleeping Bag3.1 lbs8×13inches
TETON Sports LEEF Ultralight Mummy Sleeping Bag3.5 lbs87×34×22inches
Tough Outdoors All Season XL Mummy Sleeping Bag2.8 lbs7×10×14inches
Northstar Tactical Operations Sleeping Bag3.5 lbs15.3×9.1×7.9inches
Outdoorsman Lab Lightweight Sleeping Bag1.66 lbs6.6×5.5×10.8 inches

10 Best Backpacking Sleeping Bags Review in 2019

1. Outdoor Vitals- Down 0 Degree Down Sleeping Bag

Outdoor Vitals- Down 0 Degree Down Sleeping Bag
More photos & price on Amazon

The sleeping bag from the Outdoor Vitals is specifically designed around warmth, weight, and price.

This bag is manufactured with the best materials that accommodate for lightest packing, and warmest sleep at freezing night.

This sleeping bag gives you extreme warmth through its 1.5 lbs of high quality 800 fill power duck down insulation. With a 90/10 down to feather ratio.

Also, this features for it to be extremely lightweight and compressible.

The tough outer nylon ripstop shell keeps it super durable by pushing away all moisture that may land on the bag.

The double drawstrings and baffles around the head and neck, keep the warm air in and the cold out. The extra down in the foot box area assures you extra warmth for your feet.

This bag is spacious around the shoulder area for added comfort. This also keeps you from compressing the down insulation by not pushing out with your elbows.

All these features will give you more comfort in terms of warmth and space.

The bag also features with the high-quality zippers which will give you years trouble free use.

One thing you need to keep in mind is that you need to hang it and air it out before you store it instead of compressing it.

Features I Like:

  • Ultralight
  • Spacious
  • Extra down in the foot box area
  • Ultra Compressible
  • Ultra Warm
  • Ultra Tough



2. Grizzly by Black Pine 2 Person Sleeping Bag

Grizzly by Black Pine 2 Person Sleeping Bag
More photos & price on Amazon

The Grizzly by Black Pine 2 Person Sleeping Bag is an extra wide and luxurious sleeping bag.

You don’t have to compromise your comfort because it won’t suffocate you.

Luckily, this double sleeping bag comes with the same quality as a one-person bag.

This sleeping bag provides you with enough space and legroom for two people to sleep in.

Designed with the two layers, it distributes heat uniformly throughout the bag.

The sleeping bag is constructed using 100% polyester microfiber fill along with double offset layers that make a bag a warm and comfortable.

A soft flannel liner will also feel warm against your skin and you can insert pillows if you want more cushioning.

The zippers on both sides of the bag provide easy access for both sleepers and sealed the outside air so that cold air can not get in.

For maximum warmth, cinch up the chest baffles to bring the top of the sleeping bag snug around your shoulders.

This sleeping bag is made of the top-quality material that will provide you with a superior camping comfort.

Features I Like:

  • Flannel lining
  • Double layer offset quilting
  • Oversized draft tubes and chest baffles
  • Big, heavy-duty MAX double zippers
  • Machine washable, hang to dry



3. Sierra Designs DriDown Backcountry Sleeping Bag

Sierra Designs DriDown Backcountry Sleeping Bag
More photos & price on Amazon

The 3 season Sierra Designs Backcountry Bed 600 Sleeping Bag offers a unique design and is suitable for all seasons.

This 3 seasons zipperless sleeping bag provides both campers and backpackers bed like comfort everywhere you go.

The Backcountry Bed 600 fill duck DriDown features a water-resistant down and strong polyester ripstop shell fabric.

It also comes with an insulated pocket that insulates under your arms and allows you to tuck the sides in to prevent drafts or you can open them up on a warm night.

This bag contained a large “U”- shaped opening and covered by a down flap and acts as a quilt.

This quilt help to regulate temperature as when the temperature drops, you can tuck the sides snugly around you and on the warm nights you can slide your feet out of the foot vent.

If you want to turn around and change your sleeping positions, the sleeping pad will prevent your pad from migrating away.

It is one of the most comfortable sleeping bag specially designed for those who curl up on their side or sleep feet out or stomach down. Its compressible properties, the feathers, and fibres of down provide incredibly soft and cosy feel and also it has the great efficiency of retaining heat capacity.

Features I Like:

  • Multiple sleep positions
  • Temperature versatility and integrated quilt
  • Pad sleeve keeps the backcountry bed flat, stable and centered.
  • DriDown hydrophobic down insulation
  • Zipper-free as zipper snag and are hard to operate in the middle of the night.



4. Abco Tech Sleeping Bag

Abco Tech Sleeping Bag
More photos & price on Amazon

Abco Tech Sleeping Bag is a perfectly designed bag that will help to have a comfortable sleep no matter what the weather condition is like.

This sleeping bag is not just ideal for the cold conditions but also for warmer weather too.

The Abco Tech uses double filled technology and S-shaped design for comfort and water-resistant design keeps you warm even in extreme conditions. Also, this bag contained the compression sack with a strap that makes it easy to carry and you can store the bag comfortably.

It is designed to keep you warm in the temperatures under 20°F and the materials used in this sleeping bag are durable. The bag has the tough outer shell made with high-quality 210T polyester and extra-soft 100 % polyester inner lining which makes skin friendly to all types of skin.

The bag is waterproof as well as weatherproof which withstand extreme conditions too. As this sleeping bag is machine washable, cleaning this bag is very smooth and easy. This sleeping bag is very warm and relaxed as you can use these bags where the outdoor temperature is chilly.

Features I Like:

  • It is machine washable.
  • Waterproof and weather-resistant.
  • Durable outer shell.
  • Built for extreme conditions.
  • Compression sack and carry bag are a nice bonus.
  • Works great in warm weather as well.



5. Coleman North Rim Extreme Weather Sleeping Bag

Coleman North Rim Extreme Weather Sleeping Bag
More photos & price on Amazon

This sleeping bag from Coleman North Rim is one of the best sleeping bags cold temperatures. With a great heat retention ability, it can offer all the warmth and comfort required in the extreme weather conditions with temperatures as low as 0°F (-18°C).

The Coleman North Rim sleeping bag is made of polyester and has a rip-stop exterior for rugged protection from harsh camp conditions and water resistance.

Also, the 100% polyester hypoallergenic Coletherm filling inside the inner lining provides extra comfort.

This bag provides maximum warmth including the adjustable hood that conforms completely to the user’s head and retains the maximum amount of heat.

The sleeping bag is designed with a double batt offset quilt which eliminates the cold zone. An internal draft tube prevents any seepage of air into the bag.

In addition to this, the bag can fit people of large frames also. As it has extra space for your feet provided by its box foot shape zone that allows extra movement for the large users.

This sleeping bag is really easy to handle as it is made of the polyester, the bag is commercial machine washable.

The bag consists two-way zipper that allows you to zip up from both inside and out of the bag. There is also a thermo-lock full-length draft tube that prevents heat loss through the zipper.

Once you are done with this bag, it is really easy to pack in the stuff sack and store it for your next backpack trip.

Features I Like:

  • Excellent insulation.
  • Large enough for people with large frames.
  • Very affordable.
  • Quilting construction eliminates potential cold spots.
  • Adjustable hood helps to lock in heat.
  • Unzip the bottom for extra ventilation on warmer nights.
  • Stuff sack for quick and easy storage.



6. Kelty Tuck 22 Degree Sleeping Bag

Kelty Tuck 22 Degree Sleeping Bag
More photos & price on Amazon

Kelty Tuck 22 Degree Sleeping Bag has been specifically designed to make all your long and wild outdoor trios comfortable and fun.

Kelty Tuck 22 is constructed with ThermaPro synthetic insulation, which is fibre blend that works to retain warmth in the cold situations. Also, this thermal-pro insulation provides fantastic insulation in the wet conditions, which make it perfect bag for a wet climate.

This sleeping bag is exceptionally comfortable and can be carried through the spring, summer, and fall seasons.

It also has the thermal hood, that allows you to keep your head warm and secure in all kind of situations.

The spacious foot box provides all tall campers wiggle room for their feet. Additionally, the sleeping bag has a long lasting offset quilt construction. This maintains the structure and shape of the bag even after the several uses.

This sleeping bag has a two-way locking zipper that gives you the option of unzipping the bottom portion so that you can expose your feet at warmer nights. The zipper is also complemented by an anti-snag draft tube that makes the comfort tuck system smooth and seamless.

Feature I Like:

  • Great insulation.
  • Thermal comfort hood.
  • Natural fit foot box.
  • Offset quilt construction.
  • comfort-Tuck Zipper System.
  • Zipper draft tube with an anti-snag design.
  • Stuff sack included.



7. TETON Sports LEEF Ultralight Mummy Sleeping Bag

TETON Sports LEEF Ultralight Mummy Sleeping Bag
More photos & price on Amazon

The TETON Sports LEEF Ultralight Mummy Sleeping Bag is another good option to consider.

It features an innovative Polar Lite microfibre insulation which helps cut weight without sacrificing comfort and warmth.

The three-piece no gap hood adjusts around your face and ears to keep the heat in and cold out.

TETON created this large mummy sleeping bag that comfortably fits people with larger frames. Additionally, the Sports LEEF comes with an extra fill layer in the foot box, which keep your feet snug as you sleep.

Now, you don’t have to worry about your toes turning numb in frozen conditions.

This lightweight mummy designed sleeping bag comes with an Oxford compression sleeping sack, minimizes on pack size. The sack also comes with a drawstring and barrel lock, so that you can securely lock your sleeping bag.

There is also an interior zip pocket for storage and anti-snag zippers for easy use.

This lightweight sleeping bag is simple to pack and even simpler to carry, ensuring that you can go about your outdoor activities without any hindrance.

Feature I Like:

  • Ultralight and Ultrawarm
  • 3-piece hood
  • Packs uptight
  • Excellent construction and quality
  • Comes with interior storage
  • Great price
  • Anti-snag zippers



8. Tough Outdoors All Season XL Mummy Sleeping Bag

Tough Outdoors All Season XL Mummy Sleeping Bag
More photos & price on Amazon

The Tough Outdoors All Season XL Mummy Sleeping Bag is the perfect choice for all the campers and hikers who want comfort in the most extreme camping situations.

This sleeping bag has a hooded design for maximum head comfort and warmth and polyester materials provide a soft texture.

This bag is designed to be comfortably used at temperature 32°F to 60°F.

This sleeping bag features a sleeping space of 88-inches by 34-inches, so, it can fit easily up to 6 feet 6 inches in size. The sleeping bag consists of inner storage pockets, you can use to store small things like phone, wallet, and keys.

This bag is well constructed with durable water resistant shell which helps you to stay dry. At the same time, the prime loft fill and cushy woven liner stay you at ease and heat.

The bag is also designed with baffles across the neck and zipper to prevent any warmth from escaping.

Also, this bag consists of two zippers, that allows you to partly open the bag when you feel hot. This machine sleeping bags all come with a stuff sack.

This sleeping bag comes with all of the comfort features that you need for a great trekking adventure.

Feature I Like:

  • Comfort for all seasons
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortably fits almost anyone
  • Easily washable and storable
  • Consists of inner storage pockets



9. Northstar Tactical Operations Sleeping Bag

Northstar Tactical Operations Sleeping Bag
More photos & price on Amazon

With an insulated draft tube, the Northstar Tactical Operations sleeping bag is a durable mummy sleeping bag with 30°F lowest temperature rating.

This sleeping bag from Northstar has a specific design that is meant to keep your core body at a stable temperature. Also, ensure you do not get overheated or too cold while you are in your sleeping bag.

This sleeping bag is featured with durable and light Poly Ripstop cover. This will ensure you that sleeping bag will long last for a long period of time and also not get easily damaged by any challenges that you can probably face during the time of your camping.

An additional feature is two-way zipper with draft tube and unzipping them creates intentional cold spots to release hot air in warm conditions too.

The features such as the tapered mummy design, barrel foot, nylon liner, hollow fiberfill, and double layered drawstring hood make this sleeping bag even more attractive.

The sleeping bag can compress down to 8.5-inches by 12-inches and also comes with matching compression stuff sack for easy packing and storage.

Feature I Like:

  • Lightweight
  • Can compress down almost completely
  • Easy storage
  • Warmth
  • Two-way zipper with draft tube
  • Great price



10. Outdoorsman Lab Lightweight Sleeping Bag

Outdoorsman Lab Lightweight Sleeping Bag
More photos & price on Amazon

The Outdoorsman Lab Lightweight Sleeping Bag is another bag that you will love if you are backpacking through a warm weather.

It is ideal for temperatures from 50°F to 70°F.

This sleeping bag features a no-snag zipper which is bound to make your camping experience more enjoyable.

Besides this, the sleeping bag is fully machine washable, so you don’t need to worry about the handwash.

As this sleeping bag weighs only 1.6 pounds, hence campers can hike for many miles with this bag without getting exhausted.

The zipper system allows users to connect two different bags together providing ample space for more than one person.

This sleeping bag will fully open up into a flat blanket. Two elastic straps come standard on this sleeping bag allows you to connect directly to the sleeping pad. This will help prevent shifting during the night.

A large inside pocket gives you a perfect place to keep your all personal stuff such as phones, keys wallets safe and organized. Also, built-in pillowcase will provide additional comfort and it is detachable so that you can remove when not in use.

It comes with a compression sack that makes it easy to travel with, but the best part of this bag is the price. So, it will be the perfect choice for the people who don’t want to spend a ton of money on sleep sacks.

Feature I Like:

  • Lightweight
  • Built-in pillowcase design
  • Sleeping pad straps
  • Anti-snag zippers
  • Inner pockets
  • Included compression style
  • Great price



Why are Backpacking Sleeping Bags Important?

After the long day of hiking, trekking or enjoying nature’s beauty you want to just slip comfortably into a sleeping bag that will keep you dry and warm. A sleeping bag is purpose-built to handle of all that, providing the most effective possible cocoon of warmth for the human body in a portable package.

A proper sleeping bag is one of the most important choices for any backpacking trip. It is essential for the warmth, comfort, safety and helping your body to get the rest you need to be energized for your activities and the rest of your travels.

A warm and comfortable sleeping bag can make or break a good night’s sleep and a good night’s sleep will allow you to perform better on your next day’s hike. Sleeping bags are also the most efficient way to keep your body warm. They are much warmer per unit of weight than any type of clothing.

How to Choose Best Backpacking Sleeping Bag?

Sleeping outdoors in the middle of the winter can be very difficult. However, even in the fall or early spring months, I dread backpacking because I fear the cold.

But ever since I got myself one of the best backpacking sleeping bags my fear has warded away with the cold.

But before you get yourself one of these, you must consider your requirement. After that is done, here are a few of details to might want to consider.

1. Insulation options

The first most important factor to consider when purchasing a sleeping bag is what type of insulation material is best to keep you warm. Backpacking sleeping bag is are available with either down or synthetic insulation. Down insulation is more expensive but has a better warmth-to-weight ratio and compresses more than synthetic insulation.

Down insulations will long last more than synthetic bags if taken care of properly. Synthetic insulation bags tend to be less expensive and retain heat somewhat better when wet. Synthetic bags tend to be much bulkier and weigh more than down bags.

2. Shape and Construction

The shape of the bag significantly affects its warmth. It can also determine how heavy it will be and how small you can pack it.

You need to choose the bag, which length corresponds to your height. If you have extra space in your bag, then there are more chances of the heat escaping.

Most backpacking bags are mummy-shaped and some are semi-rectangular or peanut-shaped.

3. Fabrics

Quality backpacking bags use very lightweight fabrics and such fabrics are very comfortable.

In general, lower-priced bags use heavier fabrics.

Another important element of the fabric is the ratio of the thickness. This affects the strength and weight of the sleeping bag depending on the particular type of nylon used.

In most cases, the higher denier means more strength, but it all depends on the weight of the fabric.

4. Fit

Sleeping bags come in different shape and sizes. All bags are of different lengths depending on the length. Likewise, most of the female bags are designed to be narrow at the top and little wider at the hips.

So, you need a bag sized as close to your height as possible to minimise weight and maximize warmth so that you can fit in comfortably.

5. Types of Construction

Three-season down bags use three major types of baffles i.e. sewn through, vertical baffles and horizontal baffles. The first on baffles is the lightest, coldest, and cheapest way to build a down bag.

Vertical baffles run from the bags head to toe and it makes easy to construct comfortable hoods and toe boxes. Horizontal baffles create the highest warmth-to-weight ratio.

It offers the greatest versatility for three-season conditions as they allow you to shift down from the top to the bottom of the bag for warm weather and from the bottom to the top of the bag for cold weather.

6. Sleeping Bag Temperature Ratings

Here is a general guideline for choosing a bag based on seasonal use:

Bag type Temperature Rating (°F)

Summer +32° and higher

3-Season +10° to +32°

Winter +10° and lower

Temperature ratings on a bag are a guideline for you to choose the right sleeping bag that meets your needs.

Simply, you think about the lowest temperature that you will be camping in with this bag. Then subtract 10 degrees from that temperature. And with that new temperature, you can choose a sleeping bag with that rating.

If you are more susceptible to the cold, choose a higher comfort rating. Extreme ratings are a measure of survival temperature.

7. Extra Features

You can look out for zipper compatibility as many bags can be zipped together for sleeping by couples.

Some of them have hoods and offer a pillow pocket that you can a stuff with your clothing to create a pillow.

The draft tube is designed to keep warm from escaping between the zipper coils. The trapezoidal foot box designed bag add space in the foot area to allow a more natural sleeping position for your feet.

The Best Pick

I can reassure you that all these sleeping bags are the best available and each of them will give you a satisfying result. But, in my opinion, the Outdoor Vital Sleeping Bag is a best for backpacking. In the market, you will not find a similar quality down sleeping bag even close to its price range.

It is one of the lightest 0°F sleeping bags you can get, by utilizing premium 800 fill power down. If you choose this bag then I assure you that there will be no more aching back from heavy pack out on the trail.

If you purchase a down sleeping bag, you will experience the benefits such as compress smaller, weigh less and retain as much heat.

You need to remember that the most expensive selection may not necessarily mean the best if its mismatched with your destinations. I hope all these would certainly help you for choosing the best backpacking sleeping bag for your adventure hiking trip.

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