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10 Best 4-Person Camping Tents Under $100

Camping alone can be boring sometimes, right?

So when I went out with my friends I made this horrible mistake of taking my 2-Person tent. Well the idea was to fit four of us in. But you can imagine the rest. It was horrible period.

But thank god, you don’t have to make the same mistakes I did. You can learn from mine.

Best 4-Person Camping Tents Under $100 – Quick Pick

If you’re in a hurry, here are our two favorite 4-person camping tents under $100 in this review.

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So next time you plan for a foursome camping and are in search for a comfy tent, here’s the place.

Believe me, a comfortable tent isn’t just luxury but a mere necessity in your camping. It makes the whole camping period a lot fun and memorable.

If you’ve already realized that and are looking forward to buy one, then I guess you already know there are a huge variety of choices based on quality, price and usability.

Finding best 4-person tent under $100 that fits your needs can be hectic sometimes. And that’s why this review is going to be helpful in finding your perfect 4-Person tent.

When I bought my 4-Person camping tent for the first time I was overwhelmed by the information coming at me. It wasn’t just the budget and how many people could fit it.

I had to consider every minute details like the weather protection, materials used, durability, interior space and weight into my choice.

Depending upon where, when and how you camp, you can categorize your choices and finalize on one.

I hope this review will help you and your family or group find the perfect 4-Person tent that will give you enough space, keep you warm and create wonderful memories.

Having all said, the final decision still remains and you got to make the choice. You can either pick a random one or you can go through this review that features top 10 4-Person tent under $100 and select the one that suits your needs.

10 Best 4-Person Camping Tent Under $100 in 2019

Best 4-Person Camping Tents Under $100Editor's RatingPrice
ALPS Mountaineering Meramac Tent
(Editor's Pick)
Moraine Park 4p Fast Pitch Dome Tent
(Top Pick)
Cedar Ridge Rimrock Tent
(Top Pick)
Cold Springs Dome Tent With Porch
Coleman’s Instant 4-person tent
NTK Oregon GT Dome Tent
Coleman’s Hooligan Tent
SEMOO Water Resistant D-style Door Dome Tent
Coleman’s Sundome Tent
Mountain Trails South Bend Tent

The 10 Best 4-Person Tent Under $100 Review

On the quest of finding your perfect 4-Person tent, consider the features discussed above and decide what you’re looking for.

Given the huge multitude of choices, it can be hard sometimes to find exactly what you intend to.

So to make it less hard, you can go through below review and choose among these 10 best 4-Person tent under $100.

1. ALPS Mountaineering Meramac Tent

ALPS Mountaineering Meramac 2-Person Tent
More photos & price on Amazon

If you’re looking for a tent that fits your need and also your budget, then ALPS Mountaineering Meramac 4-Person tent is the one you’re looking for.

With Meramac you’ll get the best value you want under $100 only.

The Meramac comes to you with 2 door and 2 windows for easy movement and sufficient ventilation in hot and muggy weather. It is perfect for your fun family camping trips.

You can set up the Meramac yourself with least assistance required. Not only setting up, tearing it down will be equally easy for you too.

What I personally like about Meramac is its shock corded fiberglass poles, which are one size larger than the normal. It gives me extra strength and sturdiness and makes me feel secure.

Similarly the body and fly of Meramac is made up of polyester taffeta. The magic of it gives you a lightweight tent weighing around 12.2 pounds.

While you’re out camping in damp areas it’s really fun until the condensation starts to form inside the tent, right? In that case Meramac has got you covered. Its walls are uncoated so that the tent can breathe under the urethane coated fly, facilitating excellent ventilation.

The center fly poles of Meramac creates an awning over each door for you and the full coverage rainfly protects you against rain and doesn’t let a single drop enter your tent.

Not only this, the factory sealed seams on the floor and the fly gives an extra assurance of keeping you dry inside the tent.

I really really like the mesh storage pockets and the gear loft for keep my things organized and at a reachable distance all the time.

If you’re obsessed with keeping thongs organized and in place, you’ll like the zipper bag that comes with Meramac. You can fold and stuff you tent in and carry with ease.

The Meramac features large zippers (larger than normal, a size of 8), which assures no snagging, no skipping teeth and 100% one handed operation with ease.

Think about you on the wilderness and the zip won’t close. Well with Meramac you can be sure it won’t happen.

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Features I like:

  • Strong and sturdy poles.
  • 2 doors and 2 windows for excellent ventilation
  • Factory sealed fly and floor seams for weather protection
  • Easy entry and exit
  • Mesh pockets and gear loft
  • High quality and larger zippers


2. Moraine Park 4p Fast Pitch Dome Tent

Moraine Park 4p Fast Pitch Dome Tent
More photos & price on Amazon

If you’re looking for setting up your home base, then Moraine Park Fast Pitch Dome Tent is the one you’re looking for.

The most special feature of Moraine Park Fast Pitch Dome Tent is that, it uses the Fast Pitch system. This system has pre-attached color-coded poles and hub for easy setting up.

You can also set up Moraine Park Fast Pitch Dome Tent very easily with the help of Insta-Clip suspension.

Coleman also promises you that as compared to other tents with conventional setup it produces, this can be set up about 60% faster. That’s a lot, right?

Similarly like other Coleman tents, Moraine Park Fast Pitch Dome Tent also uses Weather Tec system.

This system uses tub floor with patented corner welds, protected seams and a covered zipper, ensuring that you safe, warm and dry.

What I personally liked about Moraine Park Fast Pitch Dome Tent is its strength. It comes in a compact dome shape and a strong frame and is tested to withstand 35+ MPH winds.

Not only this, you’ll also get weather protection from the door awning and an included rainfly.

The Moraine Park Fast Pitch Dome Tent comprises of illumining reflective guylines. These lines will be visible even at night, so you won’t have to worry about tripping while setting up the tent in dark.

I really liked the space inside of Moraine Park Fast Pitch Dome Tent. It could easily fit a queen-sized airbed and there was plenty of space to stretch out.

You also won’t have to worry about what to do with the tent until your next adventure. It comes with an expandable carry bag with a rip strip, where you can pack it up and put it in the closet until next time.

I think you’ll absolutely love the murphy shelf removable, fold down organizer with phone pocket. It can work as a mini night stand for you.

The Moraine Park Fast Pitch Dome Tent has auto-roll windows so that you can easily ventilate your tent whenever required.

Similarly the electric access point lets you bring electrical power inside the tent and you can charge your gadgets easily.

If we had to bring down to quality, I’d say that Moraine Park Fast Pitch Dome Tent is a pretty touch tent. It’s made up of durable poly-guard fabric which can last multiple season. Of course it also depends on how you handle it.

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Features I like:

  • Easy set up with pre-attached, color-coded poles and hub
  • Weather Tec system to keep you dry
  • Strong frame to withstand wind
  • Removable Murphy Shelf
  • Illumiline reflective guylines
  • Storage pockets
  • Electric access point


3. Cedar Ridge Rimrock Tent

Cedar Ridge Rimrock Tent
More photos & price on Amazon

Are you the kind of person who always carries a book and needs to read before bed?

Then Cedar Ridge Rimrock Tent is the tent for you.

The Cedar Ridge Rimrock Tent comes with a mesh roof storage net where you can put your lantern or flashlight. It lights up the tents perfectly and also you can enjoy your book.

You can set up the Cedar Ridge Rimrock Tent very easily and quickly too. It comes with a free standing two pole design with the shock corded fiber glass poles. The poles can be attached to the tent with clips and at the corners with ring and pins, which will aid you in easy set up.

Also you can get maximum weather protection inside the Cedar Ridge Rimrock Tent as it is coated with multi-pass urethane.

The doors have extra-large zippers (size 8), which will help you in keeping the rain out and will offer durability to the tent too.

Are you worrying about the ventilation? If yes, then please don’t.

The Cedar Ridge Rimrock Tent comes with two large mesh windows which will offer you excellent ventilation and visibility during day time. Also an awning fly at the front and rear will permit venting of the windows in any weather, rain or no.

So you won’t have to face the problem of condensation inside the Cedar Ridge Rimrock Tent.

I really like the PE Tub style floor of Cedar Ridge Rimrock Tent. It prevents the water from coming inside the tent and keeps you dry.

Also you’ll absolutely like the guy-out loops on the fly as it will add support during rain or wind and give you extra weather protection.

The fly of the Cedar Ridge Rimrock Tent is made of 185T polyester and is factory sealed, which resists UV damange and will stay taut throughout your camping.

If you’re considering the weight the tent will put onto you, then I think the Cedar Ridge Rimrock Tent will work fine. It weighs around 11 pounds and is quite light for a 4- Person tent.

Also the tent is 5 feet high at the center, so you won’t have to crouch so much to move around.

The exciting thing about the Cedar Ridge Rimrock Tent is that it comes with gear loft and 8 inch steel stakes included with it. These can add a lot of value while you’re out their camping in variety of terrain.

So given the utilities, I think the Cedar Ridge Rimrock Tent is totally worth the money.

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Features I like:

  • Free standing tent with easy set up
  • Mesh roof storage
  • Weatherproof fly (rain, wind and UV)
  • PE tub style floor
  • Extra-large zippers
  • Large side mesh panels


4. Cold Springs Dome Tent With Porch

Cold Springs Dome Tent With Porch
More photos & price on Amazon

Are you looking forward to spend some quality time with your family or friends? If yes, then look no further.

Coleman’s Cold Springs Dome Tent is the one that’ll be your perfect tent.

As the name itself says it, the Cold Springs Dome Tent comes with a porch. The porch roof retracts and extends on both sides for more coverage.

It also allows you more space to stretch out or sleep under the stars. If you’d like to!

In addition the illuminated reflective guylines will provide you greater visibility during night and will help in avoiding the tripping accidents.

Like other Coleman tents, Cold Springs Dome Tent also comprises Weather Tec system for enhanced weather protection against unexpected storms and rain.

I personally liked Cold Springs Dome Tent because this tent offer 3% for water resistance than the previous dome tents. This feature will keep you drier for longer.

The rainfly of Cold Springs Dome Tent is removable. This will give you the luxury of more options for channeling water away from where you enter and exit the unit.

You can also remove the rainfly for more ventilation during warmer nights or summer. The rainfly is made of Polyguard 800mm, which will keep you safe from the rain water and harsh wind too.

The Cold Springs Dome Tent weighs about 13 pounds, which isn’t much for a 4-Person tent. So this tent can be ideal for both hiking as well as camping.

Despite the additional, this tent isn’t very hard to assemble. You can do it easily with few procedures to follow.

The downside of Cold Springs Dome Tent is that, it comprises no footprint. So based on your requirement, you can buy it separately.

With Cold Springs Dome Tent, you can enjoy the 9*7*4 ft. of interior space and 7*7 ft. of porch area. You can totally spread out and have fun.

You can also find a nice loop inside to hang your lantern for great visibility inside the tent at night. It comes in handy if you want to read your book or something.

Also the Cold Springs Dome Tent comes with two little mesh pockets to stick small things inside. So if the features above match your requirement, then hurry up and grab it soon.

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Features I like:

  • Retractable and extendable porch
  • 3% more water resistant
  • Illumine reflective guylines
  • Weather Tec system for weather protection
  • Removable rain fly
  • Mesh storage pockets
  • Easy to assemble


5. Coleman’s Instant 4-person Tent

Coleman’s Instant 4-person tent
More photos & price on Amazon

As the name itself goes, the Coleman Instant 4-Person can be set up in about a minute instantly with least expertise required.

So if you’re looking for a tent that can be set up with the blink of an eye, then this is the right match for you. This is possible because of its pre attached poles, which help the tent to stand just like that.

And it’s not just that, you can also tear the tent down in a jiffy.

What I like the most about Coleman Instant Tent is its special feature. The illumined reflective guy ropes can help you peg the tent in the night.

Similarly as with other Cole man Tents, the Instant tent also has Weather Tec System along with an integrated vented rainfly. This will ensure that you’re dry inside even during heavy rain outside the tent.

The Instant Tent is made up of Tough 2x Polyester fabric making it more reliable and strong. So if you’re looking for a sturdy tent, the Coleman’s Instant Tent is the one for you.

If you’re the kind of person carrying lots of stuffs while travelling, then worry not. The Instant tent has two large storage sections and spacious inner room for movement.

I like country trips but the bugs really freak me out and that is why I liked the Coleman’s Instant Tent. The door zippers of Instant Tent are encased by a flap which provides optimum coverage and doesn’t let the bugs in. Thank god!

I really liked the floor of Instant Tent. It was very seamless and smooth.

The Instant Tent lets you have enough ventilation. The windows are made of compact mesh and they provide enough air as well as light inside the tent.

However the downside of it is that it can be very difficult to clean. Also the bottom window can let your privacy be hindered, especially during the nights.

The Instant Tents are very suitable for car camping during your weekend trips. If you take it in extreme weather conditions then you probably might end up unsatisfied and disappointed.

A word of advice is, the Instant Tent can perform very well in dry weather.

Apart from these, the Instant Tent is a very great value for the amount we’re paying.

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Features I like:

  • Easy set up and tear down within a minute.
  • Weather Tec System to keep the water out.
  • Integrated vented rainfly and windows for ventilation
  • 8*7 ft. footprint
  • Inexpensive


6. NTK Oregon GT Dome Tent

NTK Oregon GT Dome Tent
More photos & price on Amazon

NTK Oregon GT Tent is the one you’re looking for, if you’re looking for maximum comfort.

The maximum comfort is offered through the tall center height, full coverage rainfly, frame, mosquito mesh and floor material and design. Each of these discussed below.

The NTK Oregon GT Tent is spacious and you can fit 4 persons comfortable inside it. Also the center height is 4.5 ft. so you wouldn’t need to crouch much.

If you’re thinking for backpacking, then NTK Oregon GT Tent is your tent. It weighs only around 7.5 pounds, which actually is lighter compared to various 4-Person tents.

Also with NTK Oregon GT Tent, you’ll have a full coverage rainfly. Its rainfly is made of double layer 190T polyester lamination with polyurethane 2500mm water column.

It not only protects you from rain, but also UV rays. Also the rainfly was built for Brazilian amazon, which mean that it’ll keep you comfortable and protected in heat, rain and wind.

The tent in overall comprises of ultra-thin polyester mesh, that’ll keep you safe from the mosquitoes and other small bugs. Not only this, the ultra-thin mesh lets in enough air for proper ventilation and provides great view of the outside.

I really liked the large mesh roof vents, it really aids in overall ventilation of the tent.

You’ll absolutely like the strong frame of NTK Oregon GT Tent. It is made with Nano-Flex technology with extra-thick fiber glass, which are connected with high performance elastic and metal parts made of double gold plated steel.

Not only is it strong, it is also easy to assemble. The pin-and –ring system lets you set up the tent easily in few steps.

The NTK Oregon GT Tent is a 3 season tent, so you can plan you trips in any season without bothering about the thought of buying different tents.

Similarly the floor of NTK Oregon GT Tent is made with the best intention for the users. It is made of heavy duty anti-fungus seamless polyethylene and the inner silver coated layer keeps you dry and protected.

The floor of NTK Oregon GT Tent is constructed in bathtub style to avoid any water leakages to come inside the tent.

When not in use, you can stuff your NTK Oregon GT Tent inside its heavy duty bag, which comes with ID label in order to personalize your tent.

Every aspect of NTK Oregon GT Tent shows that it has been prepared with great care and specialization.

Features I like:

  • High frequency seamed flooring
  • Special threads used in the construction
  • Prime white glass fiber used on rods
  • Double gold chromed metal hardware
  • Heavy elastics
  • Bright orange strings and polyurethane
  • CPAI-84 fire retardant coated heat seamed fly
  • Easy set up


7. Coleman’s Hooligan Tent

Coleman’s Hooligan Tent
More photos & price on Amazon

If you’re looking for a 4-Person tent, that also comes with a vestibule then this is the one.

With hooligan you can get very nice weather protection against harsh weather conditions. This is because the hooligan tent is thoroughly coated with the polyester fly of 450mm that encases the tent.

The hooligan tent is also sheathed with an absolute water proof fly to protect you against rain and to restrict the rain water from entering your tent.

I really liked the fact that I had extra storage pockets inside the vestibule. It held the small things and made it easy for me to find stuffs whenever I needed them.

If you get yourself the hooligan tent, you’ll absolutely like the separate space for footwear or gears. This makes the sleeping area more comfortable. And a sound sleep accounts for an enjoyable day tomorrow.

The hooligan tent comes with a spacious base area with a waterproof bathtub base. The floor is made of rugged 1000D polyethylene, and this makes it a superior tent in this factor.

So you can expect good ventilation from the hooligan tent and at the same time you can also avoid bugs from entering your tent during the outdoor camping.

Similarly, with the single pole design you can easily set up the hooligan tent in about 10 minutes only. And also you don’t need to expert in seating the tent up.
The Hooligan tent comes in dome shape, is snag-free and has continuous pole sleeves for easy set up.

The hooligan tent comes with 6*8 footprint, which can fit you easily even if you’re a very tall person. The footprint also adds to the durability to your tent.

Like other Coleman tents, Hooligan Tent also uses Weather Tec system’s patented welded floors and inverted seams. This will help you in keeping the water out.

The vestibules of Hooligan Tent is fully covered, which gives you dry entry and additional wind protection near the door.

What I absolutely like about Hooligan Tent is that I won’t have to worry about my stuffs getting wet near the door. It’s because the zipper flap over the vestibule zipper keeps the water out completely.

You can also get full protection from sun, cold, wind and rain with the full rainfly. In addition the full-mesh inner tent provides you incredible ventilation. You will also like the large inner windows that’ll help to keep the tent cool.

I also liked the upper vent, which was adjustable and could be used for air flow in case the tent got too warm.

Another things that makes The Hooligan Tent stand out is its external guy loops. This will be really useful while you’re going on a very windy area. Alongside this, the Insta-Clip pole attachment will help you Hooligan Tent stand the winds and keep you safe inside.

So for the set of features being offered the price range is quite reasonable.

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Features I like:

  • Reasonable price
  • Easy set up
  • 6*8 footprint
  • Enough ventilation options
  • Spacious interior with gear storage area
  • Waterproof fly and large vestibule
  • Ubiquitous bathtub bottom


8. SEMOO Water Resistant D-style Door Dome Tent

SEMOO Water Resistant D-style Door Dome Tent
More photos & price on Amazon

Are you looking for an extremely lightweight tent that is easy to set up? If yes, look no further.

SEMOO Water Resistant D-style Door Tent weighs only around 7.3 pounds, which is extremely light for a 4-Person tent. You can carry it alone or share the burden with the crew.

If you own a SEMOO Water Resistant D-style Door Tent, then you can use it for hiking, travel camping, emergencies and power outages too. It will easily fit 4 people is a great choice for small families and groups.

The tent is made up of durable polyester coating, which will keep you dry and warm inside the tent even in rain and strong winds.

You can have excellent ventilation in SEMOO Water Resistant D-style Door Tent through its large mesh window panels and the d-style door will ease the entry and exit. Not only ventilation, the door and windows will provide you excellent view and protection against bugs and insects.

The SEMOO Water Resistant D-style Door Tent also comprises front zip windows for cross venting. So you won’t have to worry about the ventilation at all.

The high strength fiberglass will provide you stability and the hooped fly will offer weather protection, which is very important while camping.

As easy as it is to assemble, the SEMOO Water Resistant D-style Door Tent can be dissembled in minutes and can be folded into its convenient carry bag. For easy set up, it has shock-corded fiberglass frame.

When not in use you can just stack the tent in its back into the storage area until next time.

I personally liked the rip-stop rainfly on the roof. The top of the fly is see-through and I could see stars from inside the tent in clear nights.

If you’re anything like me, then you’ll lose the instruction slip every time and then the next time you need to set up the tent you’re in trouble. But with SEMOO Water Resistant D-style Door Tent it’s not a problem.

The instructions come sewn on the bag, so you can just watch it and construct the tent without the fear of losing it.

Also in windy areas the instructions booklet just might get blown away and in that case too SEMOO Water Resistant D-style Door Tent got you covered.

So if the features match your expectations and the price match your pocket size then hurry up and grab it before the stock runs out.

Features I like:

  • Extremely lightweight
  • Easy set up with shock-corded fiberglass
  • Large mesh D-style door
  • Mesh windows for cross ventilation
  • Hooped fly frame
  • Economic


9. Coleman’s Sundome Tent

 Coleman’s Sundome Tent
More photos & price on Amazon

Is this the first time you’re buying a tent? If yes, then say no more. This is exactly what you need.

Coleman Sundome is a topnotch camping gear and is an excellent choice for beginners like yourself.

Apart from this, Sundome has many features that makes it stand out among other tents. I personally found it very comfortable.

What I liked the most was the easy set up. You won’t have to be expert or put in extra effort to set it up. Other tents usually took me 25 to 60 minutes to set up, but I could set up Sundome in 10 minutes ony.

Also in most 4-Person dome shaped tents you won’t find the ventilation options. But in Sundome, the large windows will lets the air move in and out easily making it less suffocating for you.

Not only that, Sundome also has ground vent for more fresh air and proper ventilation.

Similarly, as in other Coleman Tents, Sundome also provides you a complete weather protection through the use of Weather Tec System.

This Weather Tec System also will provide you shade and won’t let the rain come in. it comprises a completely inverted steam and doesn’t let the water come in even if there’s a little flood.

Once I took my kids with us for camping and the multiple pockets inside the tent really helped me organize the stuffs, which otherwise would be misplaced among their toys and mess.

Also with the kids I thought it would be hard to move around, but in fact Sundome has a very spacious interior and gives enough room to move around.

Also with the Insta Clips of Sundome Tent, you won’t have to worry about extreme wind storm. It provides the best pole attachment feature upon which you can completely rely on and camp even in stormy areas.

The Sundome Tent weighs about 10 pounds only. So if you’re a backpacker, then Sundome is the one that’s easy to carry and set up as well.

Sometimes even in car camping, the limited space of storage can be a hindrance. So you can just fold Sundome Tent and stuff it in your luggage in the trunk without much hassels.

Trust me, the lightweight option under $100 wasn’t even possible before. But lucky you, you’ve got Sundome now.

What I liked the most is the fact that it had electric access port. I could easily charge my gadgets and stay up-to-date all the time.

I like staying organized all the time, and if you’re anything like me then you surely will like the carry bag. You can fold and put Sundome Tent in its bag while on the move. This lets your luggage to look cleaner and more organized overall.

As exciting as it sounds, you’ll also get one year limited warranty on Sundome Tent.

All things in one place, the most important reason why Sundome is best is because of the fact that it is very economical.

With all the features you’re getting, this is the best you can get at such an affordable rate.

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Features I like:

  • Easy set up with 10 minutes.
  • Electric access point.
  • Ground ventilation and large windows.
  • Storage pockets for organizing stuffs.
  • 9*7 ft. footprint
  • Carry bag for easy transportation of the tent.


10. Mountain Trails South Bend Tent

Mountain Trails South Bend Tent
More photos & price on Amazon

Do you hate it when the dirt in our feet comes in with us inside the tent and messes the whole sleeping area? If so then Mountain Trail South Bend Tent is the one for you.

It comes to you with an attached mud mat that can help you in keeping the tent clean and mess free.

What I personally like about Mountain Trails is its easy and quick set up system. It features shock corded fiberglass frame with pin and ring system, which will make it easier for you to set up the tent.

Also the Stow ‘n’ Go Duffel adds extra simplicity to your setting up the tent procedure.

Similarly it has one large Dutch D style door that eases the entry and exit, making it a compact sport dome tent.

The Mountain Trails South Bend Tent is very versatile and compact. You can take it for hiking. You can take it for camping. In short it can serve you your purpose in most versatile way possible.

And to add to that, it weighs only around 7 pounds making your pack lighter and easier to carry around.

You can easily move around the tent and also stand straight inside it as it comes with 9*7 ft. footprint and a 52 inch center height.

Also in order to keep you cool on hot summer nights and ventilate the tent, Mountain Trail South Bend Tent has mesh roof vents and windows.

The utility pockets are a really life savers when it comes to organizing and storing your stuffs. I loved the fact that I could store all my things in these pockets and find them always near my reach. You will also love the gear loft to put all your gears at one place.

Similarly the floor is made up of welded polyethylene, which will keep you nice and cozy throughout and also ensure to keep you dry.

With the Mountain Trails Tent, the ten stakes and pole packet unrolls with the tent. So you can fold the labels for easy take down, while the wrap becomes the mud mat.

Also if you hate the dark like I do, then you can find a small pocket by the tent opening where you can keep the flashlight.

Similarly if you have a connection nearby your camping site you can benefit from the electric access point and keep you gadgets up and running.

The thing I really liked about Mountain Trail South Bend Tent is the fact that it can withstand harsh wind and rain for you at the lowest possible price. It will ensure that you are safe and dry inside despite the weather outside.

I really think that the value you’re getting is totally worth the price. It’s one of the best that you can get at such cheap rate.

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Features I like:

  • Easy setup with shock-corded fiberglass frame with pin-and-ring system
  • Excellent ventilation
  • Utility pockets
  • Gear loft for storage
  • Stow ‘n’ go duffel system
  • Attached mud mat helps keep tent floor clean and clear
  • Attached duffel wraps around rolled tent and secures with elastic bands
  • Suitable for hikers as well as campers


Why Do You Need a 4-Person Tent?

If you’re going camping or hiking with your family or few of your friends, then there’s no questioning. You absolutely need one.

You might want to keep the luggage at minimum, that’s understandable. But at the expense of comfort?

Probably not.

A good night’s sleep is required not only at home. It can rather have an impact on the energy level and the level of satisfaction throughout your camping period.

After my first huge mistake I was aware that I’d have to look at each of details to fit my needs perfectly. So I started looking at affordable 4-person tent which was also easy to assemble.

Below are the factors that you should consider while purchasing 4-person tent.

How to Choose 4-Person Tent Under $100?


A great 4-Person tent should not always be expensive.

We might trade-off some features that we don’t need for a lesser cost 4-Person tent. Either way win-win, right?

You can acquire a tent that fits your need even below $100. The price range can vary based on your need and the budget of course.

So based on how often you go camping, hiking or backpacking, you can alter your choices.


Well, if you’re a car camp or have a base camp, then weight isn’t very significant.

But if you’re hiking or backpacking, then the weight plays a huge role. A few ounces here and there might not seem like a big deal, but keeping pack weight minimum is very critical for enjoying your trip.

So while you’re backpacking, your tent will be one of the heaviest item, so starting here can help you minimize the weight of whole backpack.

Least weight will give you more space for fun and fun is what we seek in those trips, right?


The idea of having a tent is to protect ourselves from external elements while we’re relaxing. So if it doesn’t do that, then not much sense.

If you have a tent that doesn’t protect you, then that’s worse than worthless. It’s dangerous.

However running after the best quality tent can even be expensive to you. So find a balanced trade-off and identify how much quality you need and how much you’re willing to pay for it.

The bottom line is, the tent should be able to keep you dry, safe and warm.


As the tent users, it’s important for us to understand the tent sizes and how they work.

I, as a first timer, had great difficulty in understanding what 4-Person tent really meant. Well, it’s a 4-Person tent and that’s how I understood it.

Turns out we also need to consider the dimensions of interior space or the vestibule too.

So if having plenty of room is your priority, then look for tents with larger vestibules.

Similarly, if you’re backpacking then interior space is actually the tradeoff between comfort and weight. So you need to strike a good balance between these two factors.

Design elements

When I say design matters, trust me it’s coming from my experience.

A single flaw in design can be the reason you couldn’t enjoy your trip fully. A good tent will have the design elements simple.

Well when I was buying my tent, I looked for multiple doors, adequate vestibule space, lots of headroom, air vents to reduce condensation and interior pockets for gear storage.

Still, there’s room for variation in the design, based on your preference and the budget consideration.

Weather Consideration

If you’re a one-time camper then this factor isn’t very relevant to you. But if you’re an enthusiast and love country camping then weather consideration is crucial.

The tent you buy should be compatible with the weather you tend to use it in. basically tents fall into several categories based on weather usage: 1 season tent, 2/3-season tent, 4 season tent and expedition or 5 season tent.

So based on when you’re intending to camp you can choose your tent.

A word of caution, while buying the tent assume that the weather you’ll be encountering will be extreme that predicted. I didn’t and suffered.

Setup Style:

As a camper myself, I prefer freestanding tents as they can be set up easily and in less time. They come with a fixed pole system that can be pitched almost anywhere.

On the other side of the coin, you can find the non-freestanding tents. These tents use guy lines, stakes and trekking poles for set up. It requires time and practice to master the procedure.

The plus point with non-freestanding tent is that you can save the weight you’re carrying.

Wall Construction

Double wall or single wall, both have their own pros and cons.

With the double wall construction, you’ll have two separate parts: a tent body and a rainfly. So with this you’ll have a mesh inner tent, which will provide you a barrier against any condensation inside of the rainfly.

Similarly, with single wall tents, you can reduce the weight of your backpack significantly. It combines the two layers and promotes airflow to keep the condensation down.

The downside of single wall construction is that, it’s impossible to completely eliminate the condensation. Also rubbing up against it sucks.

So creating a tradeoff is essential here too.

If lightweight is what you seek than condensation is something you should be willing to deal with and vice versa.

Also if you’re hiking in warm and dry climates, you probably won’t have to deal with interior condensation. On the other hand if you’re hiking in lush forests and mountains, then double wall shelter will be more comfy.

On a final note, if you’re using a single wall construction avoid camping in low-lying areas near water. It’ll help in reducing the interior condensation.

Doors and Vestibules

My first 4-Person tent had a single door and we literally climbed over each other to get in or out.

As cozy as it might sound, 4 people moving inside a tent can be very congested too. So having two or multiple doors is the best option.

Having more than one door can also aid in air flow and easiness in moving around too.


Like everything else, durability also comes at a price.

The durability of a tent increases, alongside its price and weight. So strike a point where all of these three things match your requirement and then make a choice.

I’ve seen other camper worry too much about the durability of the tent and they aren’t wrong either. Durability is actually a very important consideration.

So my suggestion is buy the one that fits your pocket and take good care of it. Handling with proper care can help your tent last more than the average.


The footprint of your tent provides durability to the floor of your tent.

However these days, the focus has shifted to lightweight backpacking and because of which most tents come without a footprint.

Well, to be honest, I think footprint is actually a very important component of the tent. Also I believe it adds to the overall durability of the tent.

So if you’re ready to carry a little extra weight to extend the life of your tent, then consider picking a tent that comes with a footprint.

The Best Pick

Generally while shopping, the budget comes in our way. But that being covered you can now choose among these 10 best 4-Person tent which will come to you under $100 only.

Besides budget you also need to consider all the specifications of the tent and see which one fits you perfectly.

If I were to choose among these 10, then I’d go for ALPS Mountaineering Meramac 4-Person Tent. It is strong and sturdy with 2 doors and 2 windows. It actually has everything I’d be looking for in a tent.

So pick your best before the stock runs out and have a wonderful time with your tentmates!

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