James Harrison

I’m glad that you wanted to know about me!

Story Behind The Site

Hiking is one of the most fun, challenging and serene activities. But, even the best of hikers do not like to be thrown overboard when they are hiking.

I have been hiking for more than a decade and have used several hiking gear.

Newbies always fall in a trap by the look of hiking gear as they don’t know much about performance, durability, and performance of those gear.

That is why I wanted to help fellow hikers by providing them with in-depth reviews of hiking gear, accessories, hiking related articles. That is how http://wordpress-599760-1968375.cloudwaysapps.com/ was born!

Who Am I?

I’m James Harrison, a hiking enthusiast who has been hiking for more than a decade. I created this site to provide you with a reliable source of hiking gear, accessories, and hiking related information.

I’ve happy to found Hiking Reviewed as it is helping hundreds of hikers every month!

At Hiking Reviewed, I write more than just hiking gear review. I write about hiking tips, health, hiking trails and how to enjoy hiking and life!

Our Mission

We (fellow Hikers) are used to buy several hiking gear but we buy wrong gear most of the time. Personally, I do a lot of research before buying any gear. But, most of the fellow hikers don’t get enough time to do it. That’s why I wanted to help and created this website.

Hiking Reviewed’s mission is to provide helpful reviews and detail suggestion on hiking gears and accessories.

We Need Your Suggestions

I’m always trying to provide useful suggestions. If you have any suggestions or find something wrong on the website, please contact us and suggest us.

Connect With Me

Thanks for reading. If you have any query or suggestion, please email me here.

James Harrison
Founder, Hiking Reviewed